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Libraries Introduce New Website Search Engine

Now that the Rutgers University Libraries website has grown to over 2,200 pages, and continues to grow, the Libraries Website Advisory Committee (WAC) has installed a custom-configured search engine to help users find the resources they need more quickly and accurately.

The search engine web page is easily accessible by clicking on the big blue search button, with a magnifying glass icon, on the top left corner of the front page of the libraries website or from the smaller buttons (which do not include the icon) on the top left corner of every page beneath the main page. Two levels of searching are provided, Basic and Advanced. Help, explanations, and strategies options are available for both levels of searching so users can create better queries.

The search engine implementation is based on the Open Source Software called, originally developed by San Diego State University. The basic installation on the libraries server was overseen by the Libraries Systems Administrator, Dave Hoover, and the interface was customized for our website by the Libraries Webmaster, Sam McDonald, based on advice and recommendations from WAC. The search engine implementation is extendable and the Libraries hope to use it in the future to allow searching through sub-sections of the website and for special Digital Library Projects in the future. It is important to note though, that this search engine only searches the web pages on the Rutgers University Libraries website.

Feedback on the new search engine may be sent to Rebecca Gardner, WAC chair, at or Sam McDonald, Libraries Webmaster, at

Posted Oct. 16, 2000