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Comprehensive New Chemistry Resource

The Libraries are pleased to now offer SciFinder Scholar for our users.

SciFinder Scholar is the electronic version of the print publication "Chemical Abstracts". Like "Chemical Abstracts", SciFinder Scholar comprehensively covers the world-wide literature of chemistry including print journal articles, online publications, patents, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations, technical reports, government documents, etc.

Users can run the following types of searches on SciFinder Scholar:

SciFinder Scholar contains over 16 million references to chemistry related publications covering the period 1967 to date, and currently expanding at a rate in excess of 720,000 new records per year, A substantial and growing percentage of the more recent materials will offer full text coverage of the articles retrieved. SciFinder lists over 17,000,000 organic and inorganic substances, and over 11,000,000 bio- sequences for a total of 28,000,000+ chemical substance registrations, for the period 1957 to the present. SciFinder Scholar monitors over 8,000 journals world-wide, including a core of some 1500 titles for which cover-to-cover treatment is routinely provided; plus patents from 29 national patent offices, EPO, and WIPO; conference proceedings; technical reports; books; dissertations; reviews, etc.

SciFinder Scholar is not a web based product, and can be accessed only through specific computers located in the science libraries and in certain science departments such as the Chemistry Dept., the College of Pharmacy, and other academic departments. Consult with reference librarians to help you locate those computers in the science libraries. For information about departmental computers that have been enabled to search Scifinder Scholar, you should contact the systems administrators of those departments.

If you would like to be able to access SciFinder Scholar from your Rutgers office or lab computer, you must first install the necessary client software. Information for this is available on a separate Requirements & Installation Instructions page. Please note the computer specifications required to run this product and make sure your workstation meets or exceeds those operational requirements.

Posted Jan. 29, 2001