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Int'l Women's Periodicals, Now at Libraries

The Libraries are proud to provide a new resource that encompasses women's written works from across the globe.

International Women's Periodicals features a selection of women's journals, newspapers, and magazines, from Primary Source Microfilm's History of Women collection. The database, when finished, will provide access to the full run of periodicals as well as a rich selection of serialized novels. The periodicals are from the United States, France, England, Scotland, Iceland, and Germany. The product also includes a complete keyword searchable guide to the History of Women microform collection.

The full text of every issue is indexed for searchability, and a digital facsimile is provided for every page. Different search options exist, including searching for a term across the full run of periodicals or limiting a search to specific fields, such as ads, articles, correspondence, fashion, literature, recipes, and reviews. Digital facsimiles can then be downloaded and printed as needed.

Users may access International Women's Periodicals from the front page of the Rutgers University Libraries website, either through Library Catalog or by following the path Indexes & Databases / Social Sciences & Law / Women's Studies.

Posted May 9, 2001