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New Resource Measures Journals' Impact

The latest Libraries acquisition can aid scholars & students alike is evaluating specific journals from the blizzard of titles available.

Journal Citation Reports is a tool used for estimating the comparative impact of a journal title on scholarship in science and social science disciplines. It consists of two parts: JCR Science Edition and JCR Social Sciences Edition. JCR reports on:

JCR draws on scholarly and technical journals from over 3000 publishers in 60 nations, in multiple languages, including non-roman alphabets. The Science Edition contains data from roughly 5,000 journals in the areas of science and technology. The Social Sciences Edition contains data from roughly 1,500 journals in the social sciences.

JCR also provides links between journals that frequently cite each other, to aid in the identification of peer journals in a field. The number of articles given for journals listed in the JCR include only original research and review articles. Editorials, letters, news items, and meeting abstracts are not included in article counts.

Users may access Journal Citation Reports from the front page of the Libraries website, either through Library Catalog or by following the path Indexes & Databases / General & Multidisciplinary OR under Indexes & Databases / Business, OR in the alphabetical list of databases.

Posted May 9, 2001