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NEW: Poll Results at the Libraries

The Libraries latest acquisition raises a lot of questions.

Polling the Nations (produced by ORS Publishing) is a compilation of the full-text of the questions and responses from over 14,000 national, state and local surveys conducted since 1986 by some 700 polling organizations in the United States and eighty other countries. Over 4,500 topics are covered in the database. Polling organizations represented include such standards as Gallup and Roper, television/newspaper polls, universities, and business/professional associations. The file is updated monthly.

Polling the Nations has been ranked as a significant source for marketing information by American Demographics. It is a rich source of measures of attitude and behavior of people around the world, explaining both what they do and why. Each record includes the text of the question posed and the responses tabulated. Records can be searched by topic, question text, universe polled, date, polling organization and response categories.

Polling the Nations may be accessed from the front page of the Libraries webpage, either from Library Catalog or by following the path Indexes & Databases / Business, OR Indexes & Databases / General & Multidisciplinary / Reference Tools or Current Events or Statistics/Data, OR Indexes & Databases / Social Sciences & Law / General Social Sciences.

Posted May 9, 2001