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Libraries get WILD: * New* Women in Leadership Database

The Libraries new Women in Leadership Database (WILD) is a unique resource sure to expand research opportunities and perspectives on gender and women's studies at Rutgers.

Created by the Margery Somers Foster Center (based in the Douglass Library), WILD is a portal to the resources found at Rutgers University on the theme of women's leadership, in its broadest definition, and within an interdisciplinary context. This web site provides access to a selected group of Rutgers' archival and manuscript collections related to gender and women's studies. Within these collections can be found letters, photographs, ephemera, operational records, diaries, scrap books, video and audio tapes, and more. This database currently comprises surveys of the records of eighty (80) centers, collections, departments, institutes, programs, projects, and repositories on the university's Camden, New Brunswick and Newark campuses.

By using digital technology to increase access to Rutgers' archival collections related to women's history, WILD lays the foundation for broader accessibility to this rich treasure trove; supports teaching and research; and affords opportunities for the exploration and development of new electronic archival resources. The materials found in WILD are for research use only and can not be reproduced for publication without written permission from the individual unit in which the material is housed.

The WILD Project has been funded by a Rutgers University Strategic Resources Opportunities Award (SROA) allocated in 1999-2000. The members of the WILD development team were: Principal Investigator - Ferris Olin, Ph.D.; Archival Surveyors/ Database Designers - Althea Miller and Jose Fernando Peņa; Researchers - Joshua Carr and Jessica Unger; Web Site Designers - Scott McMillan and Maxim Ryvkin.

To view the Women in Leadership Database, please see this URL: For more information on the development or use of this database, please contact Ferris Olin by email at or by phone at 732/932-9407, ex. 26.

Posted May 8, 2001