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New @ Libraries: Nature and Seven Nature monthly e-journals ONLINE

The Rutgers University Libraries are pleased to announce the acquisition of Nature online, along with seven specialized Nature monthly e-journals.

Nature appears weekly and publishes papers from any area of science with great potential impact. The importance of Nature papers often extends well beyond the confines of the specific discipline concerned. Nature's "impact factor", measured by the independent organization the Institute of Scientific Information in Philadelphia, is higher than any other interdisciplinary scientific journal.

Nature also publishes a broad range of informal material in the form of opinion articles, news stories, briefings and recruitment features, and contributed material such as correspondence; commentary; news and views; scientific correspondence; book, software and product reviews; reviews; and progress articles. Nature applies rigorous standards of peer-review, editorial independence, and rapid publication to all of its articles.

The Libraries have also obtained seven monthly Nature e-journals: Nature biotechnology, Nature cell biology, Nature genetics, Nature immunology, Nature medicine, Nature neuroscience, and Nature structural biology. The monthly journals publish papers of the highest quality and exceptional impact in the disciplines indicated by their titles, as well as informal material and reviews.

Users may access Nature or one of the seven Nature monthly e-journals from the frontpage of the Libraries website, either through Library Catalog or by following the path: Electronic Journals

Posted July 2, 2001