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Online Access to The New England Journal of Medicine to End

The publisher of the New England Journal of Medicine (NJEM) has notified the Rutgers University Libraries and all other libraries in the country that the conditions for online access to NJEM will change on October 1, 2001. Access will be permitted only from five individual workstations that are located within a library building. Rutgers students, faculty, and staff would need to visit a Rutgers library with one of the five designated workstations.

These conditions are unacceptable to the Rutgers University Libraries. Our policy for online resources is to make them available to all members of the Rutgers community wherever their research takes them. In the NJEM model, the advantages of online access -- mobility, 24/7 availability -- are eliminated, making the online version not all that different from the print version. We view these changes as restrictive and antithetical to the values held by the scholarly and medical communities. Along with many other members of the research library community, the Rutgers University Libraries will not agree to these terms.

We urge you to voice your objections to this restrictive access model for the online version of the New England Journal of Medicine. Send your comments to:

Kent R. Anderson
Publishing Director
New England Journal of Medicine

Corinne Broderick
Senior Vice President
Massachusetts Medical Society (publisher of NJEM)

Posted Sept. 10, 2001