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Libraries Feature New Numeric & GIS Data Research Guide

The Libraries newest research guide, the Numeric and GIS Data Research Guide, offers a concise map to a world of data.

The research guide provides access to data that is available on the Internet or via CDs located in the Scholarly Communication Center of Alexnader Library. The data available is very inter-disciplinary and as a result the research guide provides access to data sources in many different categories including areas such as census, crime, economics, education, health, and politics.

The focus of this guide is to enable access to numeric data which can be downloaded and used in tools such as SPSS or Excel for further analysis. Much of the GIS data is regional but there is a section on atlases and maps which provides access to images which can be used in GIS applications as a base layer. A section is also included for academic data centers.

This guide is provided in two forms – a standard HTML page and a searchable database ( The searchable database provides keyword searching in addition to browsing by subject category and media type (CD, internet, print). Many of the CDs are networked within the Humanities and Social Sciences Data Center for more convenient access. The guide is a collaboration between Ronald Jantz (Data Librarian), Ryan Womack (Business Information Services Librarian).

This research guide is located from the frontpage of the Libraries website, by following the path Subject Research Guides / General.

For more information on this research guide, please contact Ronald Jantz by email at or phone at 732/932-8573. ex. 180 OR Ryan Womack by email at or phone at 732/445-3163.

Posted Sept. 10, 2001