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Libraries now offer CCH Tax Research NetWork

The Libraries new resource, CCH Internet Tax Research Network, is a comprehensive database of documents related to taxation in the United States. The full text of federal tax law, Internal Revenue Service publications, and numerous interpretive tax guides are available online. Tax reporters for all fifty states are included, as well as current state and federal tax news. The database is fully searchable for free text or individual citations.

The news features of the database can be used to track the potential impacts of proposed legislation on current tax law. The legal documentation can be used to locate relevant laws applying to a particular tax topic, including the text of the Internal Revenue Code, federal regulations, IRS letter rulings, and more. The tax reporters, such as the Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter, provide an interpretive description of current tax law, putting individual rules and legislation in the context of the entire body of tax law.

The database provides three major categories of documents: 1) official government publications related to tax, 2) CCH interpretive material, and 3) current awareness services. Official publications of the Internal Revenue Service and the federal government include the Internal Revenue Code, Internal Revenue Manual, Letter Rulings, IRS Positions, Federal Tax Regulations, and Tax Cases. CCH Explanation and Analysis includes the Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter, Federal Estate/Gift Tax Reporter, Federal Excise Tax Reporter, Tax Treaties Reporter, US Master Tax Guide, and all US State Tax Reporters. Current awareness services include daily and weekly newsletters on developments in various areas of tax law.

Users may access CCH Tax Research NetWork from the frontpage of the Libraries website either through Library Catalog or through the Indexes & Databases pages under Indexes & Databases/ Business OR Indexes & Databases/ Social Sciences & Law / Law & Criminal Justice

Posted Oct. 31, 2001