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Library Acquire Access to New E-Book Collection

The Rutgers University Libraries are pleased to offer access of a collection of 537 electronic books (e-books) from netLibrary. The Libraries collection includes recent titles in computer science and technology issued from 1999 to the present.

E-books are full-text electronic versions of published books that library users can search, browse, and read over the Internet. E-book titles are available to library users at workstations in the libraries and to Rutgers students, faculty, and staff from their personal PCs via the Internet.

netLibrary's robust search technology allows users to research quickly across all the e-books in the collection to identify the reputable published sources of greatest interest at any point in time. Users can search across the entire e-book collection for authors, titles, or keywords, and they can search within books for keywords and phrases.

E-books are available for browsing online and are automatically made available to another user after fifteen minutes of inactivity. Since e-books are accessible anytime of the day or night via the Internet, students, faculty, and staff unable to use normal library hours or working at a distance will still be able to access these resources.

As an added feature, Houghton Mifflin's 4th Edition of the American Heritage™ Dictionary of the English Language is embedded into netLibrary e-books and has been enhanced technologically to include graphics and audio pronunciation. Students, Faculty, staff, and other users can obtain dictionary definitions simply by clicking on a word in an e-book or by entering a word in the dictionary search window. Some word definitions are accompanied by audio pronunciation files and color illustrations.

netLibrary titles may be accessed from the frontpage of the Libraries website (, either individually in Library Catalog or by following the path Indexes and Databases/netLibrary or by clicking on the E-Books heading. A number of public domain titles may also be accessed from the website entry.

Located in Boulder, Colorado, netLibrary is a leading provider of e-books and Internet-based content management services for the institutional library market. netLibrary develops, archives, hosts, and maintains e-book collections for academic, corporate, public, and school libraries.

Any questions on accessing the netLibrary collection may be directed to the Rutgers University Libraries 'Ask A Librarian' service, which is accessible from the frontpage of the Libraries website.

Posted Nov. 1, 2001