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Rutgers Libraries Add New Jersey Environmental Digital Library (NJEDL)

The Rutgers University Libraries are pleased to now feature a far-reaching new resource developed by Rutgers librarians - the New Jersey Environmental Digital Library (NJEDL).

NJEDL is a "one-stop" resource for locating research and other information on New Jersey environment. Using the World Wide Web as the platform, the NJEDL ( has assembled a digital collection of "ephemeral" or "grey" literature – materials that are unavailable through common research tools like library catalogs. This readily-available information will help inform and promote community-driven and collaborative environmental decision-making; facilitate academic and citizen research; and enable all who are interested to learn about and participate in shaping New Jersey's environmental future.

The collection comes from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, state and local agencies, academic resources, web documents, and other sources. Additionally, the NJEDL is user- driven, and users can submit their own digital documents to the database.

In the database, users will find a wide range of environmental information collected from New Jersey's government agencies, research institutes, academic departments, and non-profit and non- governmental organizations, including:

The NJ Environmental Digital Library also contains samples of descriptive records for masters and doctoral theses from the Rutgers University Libraries' collections.

In addition to the digital library materials, the NJEDL contains a comprehensive organizational directory of New Jersey environmental agencies, academic departments, research institutes, educational centers, and other organizations. Information is current, and the dates covered changes with every update. Currently, the earliest documents include maps from the late 1800s.

The Digital Library's virtual home is within the Scholarly Communication Center (SCC) of the Alexander Library, on the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick, NJ. Support for the project comes from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

Digital documents are found in a number of formats. Plugins are required for the following:

Users can access this resource from the frontpage of the Rutgers University Libraries webpage, either through Library Catalog or through the Indexes & Databases pages under Science, Technology & Math / Environmental Science OR General & Multidisciplinary / Government Publications.

Posted Oct. 31, 2001