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Libraries Peek at Women's Diaries? *NEW* No. American Women's Letters and Diaries database

One of the Libraries newest acquisitions, North American Women's Letters and Diaries (NAWLD), provides full text access to the personal writings of American women from all classes and walks of life, from colonial times to 1950. When complete, the collection will include approximately 150,000 pages of published letters and diaries, plus 4,000 pages of previously unpublished materials, drawn from more than 1,000 sources, including journal articles, pamphlets, newsletters, monographs, and conference proceedings. Represented are all age groups and life stages, all ethnicities, many geographical regions, the famous and the not so famous. It also contains biographical information on authors when available. This resource provides unique insights into the personal and public lives of women for more than three centuries.

NAWLD provides keyword, full-text searching. It can also be searched and browsed in fifty fields, many of which are not normally available in the other bibliographic databases. For example, students can search a "life events" index for references to childbirth, marriage, or first employment. The search engine is very intuitive and allows even novice users to construct complex and specific searches.

The database provides biographies and an extensive annotated bibliography of the sources in the database. The database also includes published and unpublished letters and diaries, journal articles, pamphlets, newsletters, monographs, and conference proceedings.

Users may access NAWLD from the frontpage of the Libraries website, either through Library Catalog or by following one of these paths from the Indexes & Databases webpage:

Posted November 13, 2001