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NEW database anthology at Libraries:
Women's Resources International

The newest resource at the Rutgers University Libraries is all about women.

Women's Resources International provides comprehensive coverage of women's studies resources available. Citations and abstracts are drawn from ten essential women's studies databases which range in coverage from classic works & core studies to the latest scholarship in feminist research.

The anthology of databases includes: Women Studies Abstracts, Women's Studies Bibliography Database, Women's Studies Database, Women Studies Librarian, POPLINE Subset on Women, Women of Color and Southern Women: A Bibliography of Social Science Research, Women's Health and Development: An Annotated Bibliography. Over 353,000 records are available in Women's Resources International.

Women's Resources International can be accessed from the frontpage of the Rutgers University Libraries webpage, by following the path Indexes and Databases/Social Sciences and Law/ Women's Studies

Posted February 4, 2002