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Celebrate an artist's life: Suellen Glashausser bookwork exhibit, April 12th

art book done in cloth
Best & Co.   1995   8" x 6" x 1/2" cloth book

The Friends of the Rutgers University Libraries
Invite you to an exhibit that celebrates an artist's life:

"Suellen Glashausser and The Book: Enduring Delight"

An exhibition of one-of-a-kind artists' books curated by Barbara Valenta, Karen Guancione and Michael Joseph

Opening Reception : April 12, 4:00-6:00 p.m.
R.S.V.P. 973/353-5222

Suellen Glashausser (March 17, 1945 - December 26, 2000 ) was a widely-collected artist & book-artist, who exhibited several times at the John Cotton Dana Library, where she was a frequent presenter at the New Jersey Book Arts Symposium. Samples of her work are housed in the New Jersey Book Art collections of the Rutgers University Libraries.

In concert with the exhibition at the Dana Library, related exhibitions have been planned at Montclair State University ("Suellen Glashausser: A Celebration of Life," March 4-April 11), and the Amos Eno Gallery ("Suellen Glashausser," March 6-April 3), at which the paintings and installations of this versatile, multi-talented, New Jersey artist will be shown.

Members of the public are invited to contribute a page to an artists' book, as a tribute to Suellen Glashausser. You are encouraged to put anything you wish on the page-words, photographs, appliques, drawings. The maximum size of your contribution can be 12" x 16". Please bring your page to the Dana Library opening, or one of the other openings. A book will eventually be assembled from the collected pages, which will be housed in a handmade box during the exhibitions and presented to the Glashausser family after the shows end.

To contribute a page to the book, whether or not you are able to attend the exhibitions, please mail your page to:
Michael Joseph
c/o Administration office
John Cotton Dana Library
185 University Avenue
Newark, New Jersey 07102-1814

Posted March 19, 2002