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Nat'l Magazine's Cover Story Reports on RU Libraries Initiatives

When university libraries across the nation consider the best strategies to take to build the digital library of the future, they might do well to study the experiences of the Rutgers University Libraries. At least one national publication has already taken notice of the efforts of the Rutgers University Libraries in this arena.

The cover story in the March 2002 issue of Syllabus magazine, written by University Librarian Marianne Gaunt, reflects on the efforts of librarians and staff for over six years in envisioning and then building the new digital library, in cooperation with a diverse group of partners within and beyond the Libraries. Marianne's article, "A Bridge to the Future: Observations on Building a Digital Library," offers perspective on how the Rutgers University Libraries pursued this objective by adopting a multi-faceted strategy that included building consensus across the campus on future directions, setting clear goals, encouraging staff development, and incorporating new technologies as they emerged.

Published by 101 Communications LLC, Syllabus magazine is the only monthly publication that looks critically at the uses and impact of technology in higher education. Read by an audience of 156,000, Syllabus has been a source of information for educators, administrators and IT professionals since 1988. Syllabus mission is to inform educators on how technology can be used to support teaching, learning and administrative activities. The Syllabus online presence, SyllabusWeb, is co-sponsored by Compaq.

Marianne Gaunt's article can be read online at the following URL:

Posted April 2, 2002