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Libraries Initiative Urges Faculty Action on Scholarly Communication

Rutgers librarians have developed a long-term initiative to address serious problems in the exchange of scholarly information, which affect all faculty at the university.

In a newly posted Web page, "Scholarly Communication and You", the Rutgers University Libraries' Scholarly Communication Steering Committee identifies trends in commercial publishing that have severely limited the affordability of scholarly resources for most research libraries. These trends have in turn significantly restricted student and faculty access to critical research materials.

The website serves as a companion publication to the "Stop Reacting, Take Action" brochure that has been mailed to all university faculty. Both publications provide concrete suggestions on how faculty members can help address these trends. Recommendations include:

The "Scholarly Communication and You" Website can be viewed at: Copies of the brochure "Stop Reacting, Take Action" can be obtaining by sending email to Libraries communications coordinator Harry Glazer at

For more information on the Rutgers University Libraries Scholarly Communication Steering Committee, please contact Jim Niessen by email at or by phone at 732/932-7129, ex. 136.