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NEW on Libraries Website: Eagleton Institute Polls, 1971-Present

Researchers who want to know "What did New Jerseyans think about           ?" can now use an authoritative resource on Rutgers University Libraries website to find their answer.

The Center for Public Interest Polling (CPIP) at the Eagleton Institute of Politics has been conducting regular polling in New Jersey since 1971. Since 1983, Eagleton's public survey enterprise has been conducted in partnership with the Star-Ledger, the state's largest newspaper, and is now known as the Star-Ledger/Eagleton-Rutgers Poll. CPIP contributes to the public dialogue by surveying and interpreting the opinions of citizens on major policy concerns and key state issues and political races.

The Eagleton Institute polling archive, available from the Libraries webpage, provides access to the public opinion polls dating back to 1971. Generally, there are four polls per year that deal with a variety of topics that are of interest to New Jersey citizens. These polls provide an incredibly rich resource for understanding New Jersey and its citizens. The polls are intended for use not only by researchers and those involved with public policy, but also by the general public.

The complete poll questionnaires and numeric data are available at this site. In addition, a user can search the website for topics of interest. All questionnaires are completely indexed, so the result of a search will return any questions that contain the specific search term. A user can then select the "frequency" or "cross-tab" functions to view results for that particular question. In addition, a barchart or piechart can be selected to view the frequency results graphically. A browse mode enables one to browse by subject, poll date, and time-series. Print questionnaires for all years are available for browsing in the Humanities and Social Sciences Data Center, Room 404, Alexander Library, Rutgers University.

For researchers who want to do their own analysis, the full questionnaires and data in SPSS.por format can be downloaded from this website. For those using the numeric data files, it should be noted that weightings appear in the raw data in order to reduce the risk of understating or overstating the views of one segment of the population because the sample was not completely representative of that segment. For the general user, these weightings have been automatically applied when a frequency or cross-tab is selected.

When including results from this website in a publication, the data should be properly cited as follows:

Center for Public Interest Polling/Eagleton Poll, Poll #5, question #34, January, 1973. At:

Sources for Eagleton polling data is public opinion from New Jersey citizens. Approximately 1000 people are polled via telephone by the Center for Public Interest Polling for each poll.

The Eagleton Institute polling archive's website was jointly developed by the Center for Public Interest Polling/Eagleton Institute and the Scholarly Communication Center of the Rutgers University Libraries. The development of the Eagleton polling archive was supported by an SROA (Strategic Resource and Opportunity Analysis) grant and a grant from the Fund for New Jersey.

Users can access the Eagleton Institute polling archive from the front page of the Libraries website, by selecting 'Digital Library Projects' which is available under 'Resources' or by following one of the following two paths from the Indexes and Databases web pages:
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Posted July 23, 2002