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Libraries Access to Science E-Journals Changes:
Pre-1995 issues no longer available online

The Libraries regret to inform our users that there will be an important change in access to journals in Science Direct, the package of some 1,200 electronic journals provided by the Elsevier Science company. The Libraries' Science Direct subscription package includes such popular titles as Earth and Planetary Science Letters, FEBS Letters, Marine Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering Reports, Mechanisms of Development, Molecular Brain Research, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Physics Letters B, Tetrahedron Letters, and Trends in Genetics.

The Rutgers University Libraries access to pre-1995 issues of journals covered in Science Direct will be discontinued in January 2003 when a new contract with Elsevier begins. At that time, Elsevier will charge for access to articles from the earlier issues. We estimate this would cost the Libraries approximately $220,000 next year, in addition to the subscription price for 1995+ issues of $1.1 million.

As a partial solution to this new limitation, users can review the Libraries full print runs for 420 Elsevier journal titles to which we had previously subscribed. The Libraries will rely for the time being on these for pre-1995 issues as well as on ready access, via inter library loan, to other journals.

We are sorry for this inconvenience, but we think additional expenditure is neither justified by Elsevier nor within our budgetary means to support. We will try to work with Elsevier to develop a more sensible pricing scheme in the future.

Posted December 20, 2002