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Sharpen Your Searching Skills Using CCH Tax Research NetWork

CCH Tax Research NetWork is a comprehensive database of documents related to taxation in the United States. The full text of federal tax law, Internal Revenue Service publications, and numerous interpretive tax guides are available online. Tax reporters for all fifty states are included, as well as current state and federal tax news. The database is fully searchable for free text or individual citations.

The news features of the database can be used to track the potential impacts of proposed legislation on current tax law. The legal documentation can be used to locate relevant laws applying to a particular tax topic, including the text of the Internal Revenue Code, federal regulations, IRS letter rulings, and more. The tax reporters, such as the Standard Federal Income Tax Reporter, provide an interpretive description of current tax law, putting individual rules and legislation in the context of the entire body of tax law.

Vandana Dutia and John Gemellaro, professional trainers from CCH Incorporated, will lead workshops for faculty and students on how to use this resource most effectively. These free workshops will be held:

Wednesday February 26, 2003
10:30 am - 12:00 noon
Paul Robeson Library
Electronic Classroom, lower level

Friday February 28, 2003
10:00 - 11:30 am
Janice Levin Building, Room 002, Livingston Campus
* This training session is cosponsored by the Rutgers Business School - New Brunswick

Thursday February 27, 2003
2:30 - 4:00 pm
John Cotton Dana Library
Electronic Classroom, lower level

Seating is limited and a minimum of 20 attendees is requested for each session. To register, please call Libraries Administration at 732/932-7505 or send email to

The Libraries acquired CCH Tax Research NetWork through the generous support of the Reinvest in Rutgers program. Securing these resources was another step in fulfilling A Bridge To The Future: The Rutgers Digital Library Initiative, the Libraries long-range plan. Users may access CCH Tax Research NetWork from the front page of the Libraries website ( through Library Catalog or from the Indexes and Databases Web page.

Posted February 13, 2003