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Librarian Publishes Article on “Do It Yourself Courseware”

Ronald Jantz of the Libraries' Scholarly Communication Center, in Alexander Library, and Rutgers history Professor Rudy Bell wrote the article “Do it Yourself Courseware: How We Built A Reusable Web Platform for Studying World Cultures” published in the February 2003 issue of Syllabus magazine.

In the article, Ron and Professor Bell explain that they created an online platform that allows the professor to engage students in locating and evaluating the usefulness of websites to aid their studies in an “Italy's Peoples” course. Students submit their selections for inclusion in a class database, with the professor reviewing and (if necessary) modifying entries before they are incorporated into the database.

In the article, Ron and Professor Bell state that they modified the technology framework developed for the course so it may be used by other courses that focus on studying distinct groups of people. The article invites readers to download the generic platform, free of charge, from the SCC website and provides a narrative of how it was developed.

The article may be read at this URL:

Posted February 12, 2003