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Loaned Books Come Faster With E-ZBorrow program

Never content with the status quo, the Libraries have arranged to move much quicker to secure books users need but are not readily available at Rutgers.

The Rutgers University Libraries have started participating in a pilot project to assess the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI) statewide borrowing program called E-ZBorrow. E-ZBorrow is an expedited book delivery service that allows Rutgers students, faculty, and staff to login with their Rutgers barcode, search simultaneously the catalogs of Pennsylvania academic libraries, including Penn State, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, and Temple, and place requests for books to be delivered to the Rutgers library of their choice.

The E-ZBorrow program will provide Rutgers users will expedited access to twenty-six million items in the PALCI system, which may be delivered to any Rutgers pick up library in seven or fewer working days. E-ZBorrow's delivery standard represents a significant time savings over 'regular' interlibrary loan requests, which may take on average from 14 days to a month to fill.

Unlike interlibrary loan, where books owned at Rutgers are not normally requested, E-ZBorrow works as an extension of Rutgers collections. It may be used for requesting books either not owned, checked out, or otherwise not available in the Rutgers University Libraries. Requests may be placed for books charged out to or on hold for another Rutgers borrower, available only as a reference or reserve item at Rutgers, or noted as missing in the Library catalog.

E-ZBorrow books are charged out in the Library catalog in the same way as books owned at Rutgers. Requesters are notified by email when a request has been placed and when books are ready for pick up. They are also be notified about book availability in their Self Services “holds” file in the Library catalog.

Users should look for links to the E-ZBorrow program on the Libraries' website, in a number of locations. For more information on the E-ZBorrow program, please see this website:

Posted February 14, 2003