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Cutting Edge News, from Serbia:
NEW at Libraries, Vreme NDA

The Libraries newest resource, Vreme NDA, provides a decidedly local cast to news in, of, and about Serbia.

Vreme is an independent weekly newsmagazine that has appeared in Belgrade, Serbia since October 1990. Since 1991 the same source has published a weekly English-language digest of the same articles, Vreme NDA, which is presented here in its entirety from 1991 to the present. One of the main features of Vreme NDA is that it provides contemporary reports on the wars in the former Yugoslavia from a non-government Serbian perspective.

Users may access Vreme NDA from the frontpage of the Libraries website, by following the path:
Indexes and Databases / Arts and Humanities / History
OR Indexes and Databases / Social Sciences and Law / Political Science.

Posted May 7, 2003