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New! Marriage, Women, and the Law, 1815-1914

Students and scholars in criminology, law, history, political science, sociology, and women's history may want to make a commitment to use the Libraries latest addition. Marriage, Women, and the Law, 1815-1914, is a digital collection that resulted from the “Studies in Scarlet” project sponsored by the Research Libraries Group (RLG). With a focus on family law and domestic relations in the 19th century, the collection provides electronic access to materials supporting research on a broad range of topics, including marriage, divorce, adultery, miscegenation, polygamy, and birth control. The content of the collection includes case reports, statutes, novels, newspapers, diaries, and letters and is designed to support scholarship in disciplines including law, history, sociology, political science, women's studies, and criminology.

Sources for this collection include:

  • New York Public Library: materials that document the social conventions and status of women in the 19th century. Case law from New York courts that played a significant role in establishing critical family law legal precedents in jurisdictions throughout the United States.
  • New York University Law Library: materials document the federal and state Comstock laws (1873-1914), which prohibited the distribution of information or devices relating to abortion or birth control.
  • Harvard University Law Library: U.S. and UK published accounts of trials dealing with marriage and sexuality.
  • North Carolina State Archives: published and unpublished legal and governmental materials on marriage in the 19th century, especially in the southern United States.
  • University of Pennsylvania Law Library: documents on anti-miscegenation laws passed in 39 states between 1815 and 1920, as well as primary sources relating to marriage in Pennsylvania and Utah.
  • The Library Company of Philadelphia: treatises on miscegenation.
  • Princeton University Libraries: collection addressing issues associated with the practice of polygamy among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from 1852 through the end of the century.
  • University of Leeds: British primary and secondary sources on subjects ranging from marriage and childbirth to divorce and related social issues.

Users can access Marriage, Women, and the Law, 1815-1914 from the frontpage of the Libraries website, by choosing one of the following paths:

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Posted July 1, 2003