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Image of the Beauvais Missal
Image of the "Beauvais Missal," handwritten in northern France at the end of the 13th century. The "Beauvais Missal" manuscript is held by Special Collections and University Archives at Rutgers. This image accompanies Barbara Shailor's article on Otto Ege's manuscript fragment collection, in the 2003 Journal.

Adding further texture to the time-honored adage that "you can't judge a book by its cover," the latest issue of the Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries examines the how books themselves (or their precursors) can represent deliberate values, potent meanings, and powerful expressions - beyond the mere words contained therein.

This special issue of the Journal, published in the summer of 2003, is devoted to “The Book As Art, Literature, and History.” The issue features scholarly articles, accompanied by rich and varied archival illustrations, on the following topics:

Contributing authors include:

This issue of the Journal of the Rutgers University Libraries may be obtained, at a cost of $25 per copy, by sending an email to Journal editor Robert Sewell at or by calling 732/932-7505. A sample article from this issue can be read as a PDF file (3,450 k) (using Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Posted June 30, 2003