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Forging Memorial Art for Public Memory: Sept. 12th event

Image from Memoria Project website, used with permission

Forging Memorial Art for Public Memory
Symposium and Exhibition
Speakers: 1:00 pm, at Alexander Library
Exhibition opening and reception: 5:00 pm, at Art Library
 Friday, Sept. 12, 2003

Artists face unique challenges when they work to conceive memorials that respectfully, yet creatively, reflect communal reactions to public tragedies. The Art Library and the Rutgers Art History Department will conduct a one-day event that analyzes the issues from a variety of perspectives and highlights some recent works of memorial art that successfully addressed these challenges.

Speakers will include Dr. Meredith Bzdak, Ford Farewell Mills and Gatsch Architects; Dr. Margaret Kuntz, Drew University; Stephen Shaheen, Memoria Project; Carol Sterling, who has served with the International Sculpture Center; and Evan Urbania, Memoria Project, who will discuss the conception of public and memorial art as social representations of collective memory.

An accompanying exhibition will showcase New Jersey artists, such as David Slivka, Roberta Scott, Stephen Shaheen, Franco Minervini, Patrick Morelli, and John Giannotti, whose work has responded to the events of September 11, 2001.

To RSVP, send an email to or call 732/932-7505. Space is limited so early reservations are advised.

Posted July 25, 2003