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Best Data on the Planet!
NEW Columbia Earthscape Database

The Libraries newest resource is quite down to earth.

The Columbia Earthscape database contains all formats of information as it relates to the Earth and Environmental Sciences. Included are: ecology, environment, economy, geography, geology, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, paleontology and pedagogy. The database is geared to undergraduate research needs with more advanced materials in the area of environmental public policy.

The database also includes original and collaborative new media projects and publications. The database answers a wide range of queries; from the single fact question to a complex scientific research analysis. There are four intended audiences of this material: students, teachers, researchers and policy makers. Most of the materials on the database are in English, with some treaties and legislation appearing in their original language.

Full searching details, techniques and content notes are available online at: ttp://

Users can access this resource from the frontpage of the Libraries' website, either from Library Catalog or by following one of the following paths from the Indexes and Databases webpage:
Science, Technology, and Math / Environmental Sciences
Science, Technology, and Math / Biology
Science, Technology, and Math / Geology
Social Sciences and Law / Education
Social Sciences and Law / Political Science.

Posted November 17, 2003