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September 2015

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Hakata [electronic resource] : the cultural worlds of northern Kyushu / edited by Andrew CobbingLeiden : Brill, 2013.
Hanvueng [electronic resource] : the Goose King and the Ancestral King : an epic from Guangxi in Southern China / translated and annotated by David Holm, Meng YuanyaoLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2015.
Herrschergenealogie und religiöses Patronat [electronic resource] : die Inschriftenkultur der Rāṣṭrakūṭas, Śilāhāras und Yādavas (8. bis 13. Jahrhundert) / Annette SchmiedchenSchmiedchen, AnnetteLeiden : Brill, 2014.
The Hindu-Buddhist sculpture of ancient Kashmir and its influences [electronic resource] / by John SiudmakSiudmak, JohnBoston : Brill, 2013.
A history of Chinese letters and epistolary culture [electronic resource] / edited by Antje RichterLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2015.
A history of the Takarazuka Revue since 1914 [electronic resource] : modernity, girls' culture, Japan pop / By Makiko YamanashiYamanashi, MakikoBoston : Global Oriental, 2012.
The Huainanzi and textual production in early China / edited by Sarah A. Queen, Michael PuettLeiden : Brill, 2014.
Ibn al-Jazzar's Zād al-musāfir wa-qūt al-ḥāḍir, Provisions for the traveller and nourishment for the sedentary, Book 7 (7-30) [electronic resource] : critical edition of the Arabic text with English translation, and critical edition of Moses ibn Tibbon's Hebrew translation (Ṣedat ha-derakhim) / edited and translated by Gerrit BosLeiden ; Boston : Brill, c2015.
Images of familial intimacy in Eastern and Western art / edited by Nakamura ToshiharuBoston : Brill, 2014.
Imitations of the Self [electronic resource] : Jiang Yan and Chinese Poetics / by Nicholas M. WilliamsWilliams, Nicholas MorrowLeiden ; Boston : Brill, [2015]
In good company [electronic resource] : the body and divinization in Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, SJ and Daoist Xiao Yingsou / by Bede Benjamin BidlackBidlack, Bede BenjaminLeiden ; Boston : Brill, [2015]
Inheritance within rupture [electronic resource] : culture and scholarship in early twentieth-century China / by Luo ZhitianLuo, Zhitian, 1952-Boston : Brill, c2015.
In search of middle Indonesia : middle classes in provincial towns / edited by Gerry van Klinken, Ward BerenschotLeiden : Brill, 2014.
Integrating immigrants in Europe : research-policy dialogues / Peter Scholten, Han Entzinger, Rinus Penninx, Stijn Verbeek, editorsCham : SpringerOpen, [2015]
An intellectual history of China / by Ge Zhaoguang ; translated by Michael S. Duke and Josephine Chiu-DukeGe, Zhaoguang, 1950-Boston : Brill, c2014.
International education policy in Japan in an age of globalisation and risk [electronic resource] / by Robert W. AspinallAspinall, Robert W., 1962-Leiden : Global Oriental, 2013.
Islam and the making of the nation [electronic resource] : Kartosuwiryo and political Islam in twentieth-century Indonesia / Chiara FormichiFormichi, Chiara, 1982-Leiden : KITLV, 2012.
Islam, colonialism and the modern age in the Netherlands East Indies [electronic resource] : a biography of Sayyid Uthman (1822-1914) / by Nico J.G. KapteinKaptein, N. J. GLeiden ; Boston : Brill, [2014]
Japanese Historiography and the Gold Seal of 57 C.E. [electronic resource] : Relic, Text, Object, FakeFogel, Joshua ALeiden : Brill, 2013.
The Japanese translations of the Hebrew Bible [electronic resource] : history, inventory, and analysis / by Doron B. CohenCohen, Doron BLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2013.
Japan's sexual gods [electronic resource] : shrines, roles, and rituals of procreation and protection / by Stephen TurnbullTurnbull, Stephen RBoston : Brill, 2015.
Just a scholar : the memoirs of Zhou Yiliang (1913-2001) / translated by Joshua A. FogelZhou, Yiliang, 1913-2001Boston : Brill, 2014.
Kabuki at the crossroads years of crisis, 1952-1965 [electronic resource] / by Samuel L. LeiterLeiter, Samuel LBoston : Leiden, 2013.
Key papers on Korea: essays celebrating 25 years of the Centre of Korean Studies, SOAS, University of London / edited and introduced by Andrew David JacksonBoston : Global Oriental, 2014.
Korea 2012 [electronic resource] : politics, economy and societyFrank, RüdigerLeiden : BRILL, 2012.
Korea 2013 [electronic resource] : politics, economy and society / ed. by Rüdiger Frank ... [et al.]Leiden : Brill, 2013.
Korea's ancient Koguryō kingdom : a socio-political history / by Noh Taedon ; translated by John HustonNo, T'ae-donBOSTON : Global Oriental, 2014.
Kurokawa Nō [electronic resource] : shaping the image and perception of Japan's folk traditions, performing arts and rural tourism / by Eike GrossmannGrossmann, EikeLeiden : Global Oriental, 2013.
The labyrinth [electronic resource] / by Nogami Yaeko ; translated by Maya and Anthony MortimerNogami, Yaeko, 1885-1985Leiden : Global Oriental, 2014.
Late works of Mou Zongsan [electronic resource] : selected essays on Chinese philosophy / translated and edited by Jason ClowerMou, ZongsanBoston : Brill, 2014.
The legality and legitimacy of the use of force in Northeast Asia [electronic resource] / edited by Brendan Howe, Boris KondochLeiden : Brill, 2013.
Liangyou, Kaleidoscopic modernity and the Shanghai global metropolis, 1926-1945 [electronic resource] / edited by Paul G. Pickowicz, Kuiyi Shen and Yingjin ZhangLeiden : Koninklijke Brill NV, 2013.
Liberal arts education in a changing society [electronic resource] : a new perspective on Chinese higher education / by You Guo Jiang, S.JJiang, You Guo, 1977-Leiden ; Boston : Brill, [2015]
Linguistic expressions and semantic processing : a practical approach / Alastair ButlerButler, Alastair, authorCham, Switzerland : Springer, [2015]
Listen, copy, read [electronic resource] : popular learning in early modern Japan / edited by Matthias Hayek and Annick HoriuchiLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014.
The lost geopoetic horizon of Li Jieren [electronic resource] : the crisis of writing Chengdu in revolutionary China / by Kenny Kwok-kwan NgNg, Kenny Kwok-kwanLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2015.
The loyalists of America and their times: from 1620 to 1816. By Egerton RyersonRyerson, Egerton, 1803-1882Toronto, W. Briggs 1880.
Making a living between crises and ceremonies in Tana Toraja [electronic resource] : the practice of everyday life of a South Sulawesi highland community in Indonesia / by Edwin de JongJong, Edwin Bernardus Paulus de, 1970-Leiden : Brill, 2013.
The making of middle Indonesia : middle classes in Kupang town, 1930-1975 / by Gerry van KlinkenKlinken, Geert Arend vanLeiden : Brill, 2014.
The Malay Hikayat Miʻrāj Nabi Muḥammad [electronic resource] = The Prophet Muhammad's nocturnal journey to Heaven and Hell : text and translation of Cod. Or. 1713 in the Library of Leiden University / edited and translated by Th.C. van der Meij, N. Lambooij ; with the assistance of Oman FathurahmanLeiden ; Boston : Brill, [2014]
Managing elevated risk : global liquidity, capital flows, and macroprudential policy-- An Asian perspective / Iwan J. Azis, Hyun Song ShinAzis, Iwan J. (Iwan Jaya), 1953- author[Heidelberg] Springer Open 2015.
Man'yoshu and the imperial imagination in early Japan / by Torquil DuthieDuthie, TorquilLeiden : Brill, 2014.
Mapping the Old Zhuang Character Script [electronic resource] : a Vernacular Writing System from Southern ChinaHolm, DavidLeiden : BRILL, 2013.
Marco Polo was in China [electronic resource] : new evidence from currencies, salts and revenues / by Hans Ulrich VogelVogel, Hans UlrichLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2013.
Martial arts and the body politic in Indonesia [electronic resource] / by Lee WilsonWilson, Lee, 1966-Leiden : Brill, [2015]
Marxism and religion [electronic resource] / edited by Lü Daji and Gong Xuezeng ; translated by Chi ZhenLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014.
Men and masculinities in contemporary China / by Geng Song, Derek HirdSong, GengLeiden : Brill, 2014.
Microfinance, rights and global justice / edited by Tom Sorell and Luis CabreraCambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2015.
Migration and social upheaval as the face of globalization in Central Asia [electronic resource] / edited by Marlene LaruelleLeiden : Brill, 2013.
Migration as transnational leisure [electronic resource] : the Japanese lifestyle migrants in Australia / by Jun NagatomoNagatomo, JunLeiden ; Boston : Brill, [2014]
Mining, Monies, and Culture in Early Modern Societies [electronic resource] : East Asian and Global PerspectivesKim, NannyLeiden : Brill, 2013.
Miyazawa Kenji and his illustrators [electronic resource] : images of nature and Buddhism in Japanese children's literature / by Helen KilpatrickKilpatrick, HelenLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2013.
Modern China and the West : translation and cultural mediation / Edited by Peng Hsiao-yen and Isabelle RabutLeiden ; Boston : Brill, 2014.
Modern Chinese religion [electronic resource] / Edited by John Lagerwey and Pierre MarsoneBoston : Brill, 2014-
Monastic and lay traditions in North-Eastern Tibet [electronic resource]Dhondup, YangdonLeiden : BRILL, 2013.
Money in Asia (1200-1900) [electronic resource] : small currencies in social and political contexts / edited by Jane Kate Leonard and Ulrich TheobaldLeiden ; Boston : Brill, [2015]
Morphology and syntax of Old Hindī [electronic resource] : edition and analysis of one hundred Kabīr Vānī poems from Rājasthān / By Jaroslav StrnadStrnad, Jaroslav, 1954-Leiden : Brill, 2013.
The Mozi as an evolving text [electronic resource] : different voices in early Chinese thought / edited by Carine Defoort and Nicolas StandaertBoston : Brill, 2013.
Mpu Monaguṇa's Sumanasāntaka [electronic resource] : an Old Javanese epic poem, its Indian source and Balinese illustrations / edited, translated and annotated by Peter Worsley, S. Supomo, Thomas M. Hunter, Margaret FletcherMonaguna, Mpu, active 12th centuryLeiden : Brill, 2013.