This just in... New stuff in the Libraries

This just in... New stuff in the Libraries identifies those materials which were added to the Library Catalog and made available in the Libraries during the previous month. New lists are posted at the beginning of every month. The lists include books, maps, government publications, CD-ROMs, e-books, videos, audios, microforms, and other types of materials, excluding periodicals and serials, from every Rutgers library except the Annex and the law libraries. Materials located at the Library of the American Hungarian Foundation and the Walt Whitman Library are also excluded.

While viewing any list, click on a title to determine which Rutgers libraries own that title as well as the current availability, or to get electronic access to an online title.

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United States Government Publications (by Agency) [About this section]

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This section identifies materials which are shelved using standard Library of Congress and National Library of Medicine call numbers. For most of the Rutgers libraries, this includes the majority of materials in the collections, including those in such common locations as STACKS and REF (reference).

For the purposes of the list, broad categories have been assigned to represent ranges of call numbers. A category is included in the list only when there are new items in that category. Items in each category are listed in call number order so that items on similar topics are listed together.

United States Government Publications (by Agency)

This section lists Federal government publications which are shelved at Alexander Library (College Ave.), Dana Library (Newark), the Library of Science & Medicine (Busch), and Robeson Library (Camden) using Superintendent of Documents numbers assigned by the United States government. Due to their unique numbering scheme, these materials are shelved separately from the majority of materials in the libraries.

The list is broken up by issuing agency. Material from smaller agencies, such as individual Congressional committees, is generally subsumed under the name of the parent agency (e.g., Congress). An agency will appear in the list only when there are new items from that agency. Material from each agency is listed in order by Superintendent of Documents number so that items from the same sub-agency within a larger agency are listed together.

Titles in the Congressional Documents and Reports category are available in the Alexander Library and are shelved in the DOCLUS (US Law Documents) section by Congress and document or report number. The list for this category is arranged alphabetically by title.

Media Materials

This section lists audio and video materials which are treated as separate collections within the libraries. Each list is arranged alphabetically by title.

Online Resources

This section lists new electronic books, databases, and other materials (excluding periodicals and serials) which are accessible online. Some titles are freely accessible both on- and off-campus; others are restricted for on-campus use with off-campus access only for current Rutgers students, staff, and faculty. The list is arranged alphabetically by title.