Bio-Bibliographic Notes for authors in Arachne@Rutgers Volume 2 Number 1 (2002)

Malcolm Compitello <> is Professor of Spanish and Head of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Arizona. He is also the Executive Director of the Arizona Journal of Hispanic Cultural Studies. His research focuses mainly on Modern and Contemporary Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies.

John Lipski <> is a Professor and Head at the Department of Spanish and Linguistics at Penn State University. His research interests include Spanish phonology, Spanish and Portuguese dialectology and language variation, the linguistic aspects of bilingualism, and the African contribution to Spanish and Portuguese. Some of his books include Varieties of Spanish in the United States (forthcoming, Georgetown), El español de América (Cátedra, 1996), The Language of the Isleños of Louisiana (LSU Press, 1990), The Spanish of Equatorial Guinea (Max Niemeyer, 1985), and Linguistic Aspects of Spanish-English Language Shift (Arizona State University Press, 1985).

Flora Süssekind<> is a Professor at the University of Rio de Janeiro. She is also an investigator for the Casa de Rui Barbosa Center for Research. Her work covers a wide area that includes film, theater, poetry and poetics, modernization, and the urban experience in Brazil. She has published Cinematograph of Words: Literature, Technique, and Modernization in Brazil (1997) and O Negro como arlequim: teatro & discriminação (1982), among other works.


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