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About This Archive

"Why did China Boom?" Over 100 individuals provided their answers to this question in full-length videos deposited into China Boom Project Video Archive. These individuals, many of them with considerable expertise on issues related to China, were interviewed by the China Boom Project staffers of Asia Society from 2008 to 2010. Since then, selected clips have been posted on the Asia Society's China Boom Project website while the full-length videos are now deposited into the Video Archive hosted by Rutgers University Libraries. The China Boom Project Video Archive is a valuable resource on China for educators and researchers in a wide range of academic fields, such as business, economics, sociology, and history.

The China Boom Project Video Archive is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between the Asia Society in New York City and the Rutgers University Libraries. These individuals have contributed to the Video Archive in various ways: David M. Barreda, Orville Schell, and Andrew Smeall of Asia Society, and Isaiah Beard, Jeanne Boyle, Janice Pilch, Li Sun, and Tao Yang of Rutgers University Libraries.

Why did China Boom?
"It's all about the Rural
Deborah Davis
Professor of Sociology
Yale University
"China was already strong before the reforms."
Jin Canrong
Senior Fellow, IAS
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
"Listen to outside voices."
Rose Luqiu
Executive News Editor
Phoenix Satellite Television
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