How to circulate Microfilm and Microfiche within NBL

Microfilm and Microfiche are a non-circulating collection within NBL. However, microfilm or microfiche can be circulated to another NBL unit in the event that a machine or printer is broken. For a list of microfilm and microfiche machines visit the following link:

To circulate Microfilm and Microfiche you will need to do the following:

Add Brief Title:

After choosing the Add Brief Title Wizard: m-film1, use the following format to create a brief title for M-film or M-fiche:

m-film 2

Using the Special Belly Band:

Fill out the following information on the bellyband:

For Microfilm: Wrap the bellyband around the M-Film, and tape the ends. For Microfiche, place the fiche inside an envelope tape the bellyband on the outside of the envelope. See Pictures below. The bellybands are available under:?

M-Film with bellyband M-Fiche with bellyband
m-film 3 m-film 4

Charging out the Item

Click on checkout

Scan the User's barcode


Type in the due date. This should be 10 days from the current date. The patron may borrow the material for 5 days, the remaining 5 days are added in to allow for transit of the material back to the owning library.

What to tell the patron:

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