Claims Returned Procedures

Staff at the first library contacted will initiate the claims returned process. Do not refer the user to the library where material is "owned." Users routinely check out and return materials not owned by their local library. It's important to give full service immediately and not needlessly put the user through the inconvenience of a referral to a remote location.

The following steps, excluding the first step, will also be used for claims return questions submitted to "Ask a Librarian" and answered by the Access Services AAL team.

1) Do a local stack search for the item(s).

2) If not found, add a PUB NOTE to the user's record: CL, 3903000------. System wide stacks check initiated. m/d/y, LIB/ your initials.

[If a CL note is present in a user's record, you may override for 1 month while the item is being searched.]

3) Ask for a system wide stack search of the item on circ_sub. See the Staff Resources webpage for details under Access Services / Procedures / Stacks Checks: How to Request and Respond to a Stacks Check.

[Staff will add NOS pub note whenever a CL item is searched and not located at the owning and return (if known) library. Searches are conducted at all Rutgers libraries in response to a request for a system wide stack search on circ_sub, but response are only made to the listserv if an item is located.]

4) Provide the user with the name of the claims return contact at the item's owning library, who will be in touch with them.

5) Inform the claims return contact at the item's owning library by faxing a screen print of the item's record, annotating it with user information and any other pertinent notes. You may also forward Ask A Librarian correspondence if it includes all the relevant information.

6) The claims return person at the item's owning library will then follow up with the user in 30 days if the book is not located and discharged. A standard letter, with additional notes about the user's personal situation, pricing the book, and describing options for replacement will be used.

Last updated July 21, 2004
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