Guidelines for Using and Filling out RUL Incident Reports

Incident reports should be filled out whenever the RUPD or emergency services are contacted or for building maintenance or security issues that are usually reported to local unit Administrative Offices.

Some examples of incident reports would be:

Some guidelines for filling out the incident report are:

If you are unsure if you should fill out an incident report ask your department supervisor.
Student assistants, particularly extended hours/late night student workers should fill out the report if an incident occurs on their shift. However, the report should be submitted to the most senior staff member if available. If a staff member is not available, the form should be left for the student supervisor for their review. The staff member or student supervisor will distribute as described below.

After the report is filled out, print and make enough copies to distribute to unit supervisors, as well as, to the names listed on the bottom of the incident report form. If the recipient's e- mail address is provided, send the report as an attachment to an e-mail message. If the recipient's fax number is provided, print and fax to the fax number.

Please Note: If you are using an incident report form from a common computer or from the local T-drive, please be sure not to save or overwrite the original incident report form. Rather use the save-as feature to save a copy of the completed form.

At your local unit, supervisors should consider sharing most incident reports with other department supervisors or those staff members directly effected by the incident. If you have, for example, staff responsible for opening or closing the unit, then they should be aware to look out for open doors or windows. Also staff should be made aware of incidents of theft of personal belongings or of persistent water leaks.
The reports should be filled out within 24-48 hrs of the incident.
It is not necessary to make a copy of the original incident report and distribute it to all staff but an email or staff meeting may be used to share the information.

Security and Facilities Functional Group
NBL Access/Collection Services Department
Revised 4/15/05

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