Access Services Policy Memo #1
Patron Identification and Registration


Primary borrowers. Students, faculty, and staff must have a current RUconnection photo ID card or a current University employment or enrollment record in the Libraries' user database to register for primary borrowing privileges with the Rutgers University Libraries. Other acceptable forms of identification that validate current employment, class registration, or affiliation with the University are described in the file of Eligible Borrowers. See Access to Resources and Services (PSPM) #1 and Borrowing Privileges (ASPM) #2 for the definition of primary borrowing privileges.

Guest borrowers. Individuals must present suitable proof of membership in a group that has been granted guest borrowing privileges or have been granted borrowing privileges by the Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services to register for guest borrowing privileges with Rutgers University Libraries. For example, alumni may present an Alumni ID card. A second form of personal identification may be required to register for borrowing privileges. See the file of Eligible Borrowers for details. See Access to Resources and Services (PSPM) #1 and Borrowing Privileges (ASPM) #2 for the definition of guest borrowing privileges.


To borrow library materials a library barcode is required and must be registered with the Libraries. The barcode is printed on the RUconnection photo ID card, or is attached to a borrower card issued by Rutgers University Libraries.

Expiration of Borrowing Privileges

Primary borrowing privileges normally expire when faculty or staff leave the employment of the University, and when students graduate or leave the University.

Guest borrowing privileges expire at specific intervals depending on the borrower group. Guest privileges are granted for a minimum of twenty-eight days to a maximum of one year.

Responsibility and Liability

Borrowers are responsible for all materials charged to their card. A unique barcode number links materials to borrowers' records. In the event of catastrophic occurrences (fires, floods, explosions, theft, etc.), the borrower remains responsible for replacement charges but alternative payment schedules may be negotiated.

Borrower cards are non-transferable. Loss or theft must be immediately reported to the Libraries in order to avoid future liability for items charged to the card. When replacing lost or stolen cards, the policy stated above under Identification applies.

Loss of Borrowing Privileges

Borrower privileges are given as a courtesy. Privileges may be withdrawn or not renewed if there is a pattern of abuse such as a history of long overdue materials, failure to respond to recalls and bills, or collection agency actions.

Eligible Borrowers

The Head, University Libraries Access and Interlibrary Services maintains a file of Eligible Borrowers, which details registration procedures, including types of identification required to demonstrate a relationship to the University.

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