Call Number /Title Summary Report 2002-2003

Call Number /Title Summary Report as Borrower
July 1, 2002 to June 30, 2003

Report Summary:
Call Number Range: All
Number of titles reported: 5121

Call Number     Author     Title       Publication Date LCCN ISBN
            Addictions : a comprehensive guidebook       1999 98051552 0195114892
            Amazonia peruana            
            Between ourselves : second person issues in the study of consciousness           0907845142
            Computational methods for smart structures and materials II       c2000 00710645 1853128163
            Deadly lessons : understanding lethal school violence : case studies of School Violence Committee       c2002 2002011776 0309084121
            Diet and physical activity in children : preventing adult obesity and heart disease       2001   095406500X
            Fourth international symposium on the utilization of high-strength/high performance concrete = Quatrième symposium international sur l'utilisation des bétons à hautes performances       1996   2859782605
            Fourth international symposium on the utilization of high-strength/high performance concrete = Quatrième symposium international sur l'utilisation des bétons à hautes performances       1996   2859782605
            Fourth international symposium on the utilization of high-strength/high performance concrete = Quatrième symposium international sur l'utilisation des bétons à hautes performances       1996   2859782605
            Gastrointestinal physiology       c2000 00033876 0323012396
            Image of the frontier in literature, the media, and society       1997    
            Inference for stochastic processes       2001   094060051X
            Integration through foreign direct investment : Making Central European industries competitive       c2000 99021910 1840641568
            Mathematics : frontiers and perspectives       c2000 99047980 0821820702
            Poetics of memory       c1998   3860571451
            Practitioner's guide to empirically based measures of depression       c2000 00003973 030646246X
            Proceedings of the 2000 ITE annual convention            
            Proceedings of the IEEE-EURASIP workshop on nonlinear signal processing : NSIP'99       1999   9755181334
            Psychology at the turn of the millennium       2002   1841691984
            State of Brazilian aquatic ecosystems : past, present and future       2000    
            Transactions of the 46th annual meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society            
            Transactions of the 46th annual meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society            
            Victorian culture and the idea of the grotesque       c1999 98035002 1859283802
            Vivir en la frontera : la casa, la dieta, la pulpería, la escuela (1770-1870)       2000   9507862714
      Bourbaki, Nicolas     Lie groups and Lie algebras       2002 2001055103 3540426507
      Brooke, Peter     Albert Gleizes : for and against the twentieth century       c2001 00054076 0300089643
      Caswell, Hal     Matrix population models : construction, analysis, and interpretation       c2001 00058836 0878930965
      Chaplin, Charles     Discours du dictateur       1998   2844410030
      Conference on Virginia Woolf (10th : 2000 : University of Maryland, Baltimore County)     Virginia Woolf out of bounds : selected papers from the Tenth Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf, University of Maryland Baltimore County, June 7-10, 2000       2001 2001031310 0944473555
      Giglio, Ernest D., 1931-     Here's looking at you : Hollywood, film, and politics       c2000 98045271 0820444219
      Gravano, Salvatore     Introduction to error control codes       2001 99040010  
      Grignani, Maria Antonietta     Costanza della ragione : soggetto, oggetto e testualità nella poesia del Novecento : con autografi inediti       2002   8882123383
      Jones, Cleve     Stitching a revolution : how the quilt put a human face on AIDS and brought healing to America       c2000 99052721 0062516418
      Linguistische Arbeiten (Max Niemeyer Verlag)     Linguistische Arbeiten [serial]            
      Noonan, Michael (Michael P.)     Grammar of Lango       1992 92005911 3110129922
      Packard, Jerome Lee, 1951-     Morphology of Chinese : a linguistic and cognitive approach       2000 99027721 0521771129
      Poo, Mu-chou     In search of personal welfare : a view of ancient Chinese religion       c1998 97019197 0791436292
      Robinson, Julie     Dürer and German renaissance printmaking       c1996   0730830020
      Spencer, Joel H     Strange logic of random graphs       c2001 2001032235 3540416544
      Symposium on the Interface: Computing Science and Statistics (29th : 1997 : Houston, TX)     Mining and modeling massive data sets in science, engineering, and business with a subtheme in environmental statistics       [1998]   1886658048
*QR 01-5017           Album armorum nobilium Regni Poloniae XV-XVII saec. : herby nobililitacji i indygenatów XV-XVIII w.       2001   8322717156
*XMD-536     Klem, Yonah     Toward a general theory of body psychotherapy based on the theories of Reichian and dance-movement therapies [microform]       c1985    
*XME-709           Rights and remedies. Or, The theory and practice of true politics [microform]. With a view of the tremendous evils probable to ensue upon the continuance of the present unnecessary and fruitless war; and a proposal of immediate peace ..       1795 nuc87684698  
*XME-709           Rights and remedies. Or, The theory and practice of true politics [microform]. With a view of the tremendous evils probable to ensue upon the continuance of the present unnecessary and fruitless war; and a proposal of immediate peace ..       1795 nuc87684698  
*XML-2131     Hiebert, Thomas, 1955-     Horn in early eighteenth-century Dresden : the players and their repertory       1989    
*XML-2720     Trechak, Andrew, 1951-     Pianists and agogic play [microform] : rhythmic patterning in the performance of Chopin's music in the early twentieth century       c1988    
*Z-787     Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. Schutzstaffel     SS-Mann und Blutsfrage       1942]    
*ZAN-H118 (NEG) *ZZAN-1177           Fellowship forum [microform]       1921-1937 sn 84026745  
*ZY (New York journal)     New York journal (New York, N.Y. : 1896 : Morning ed.)     New York journal [microform]       1896-1897 sn 94087046  
\*OEP\80-2014     Haywood, John A     New Arabic grammar of the written language / by J. A. Haywood and H. M. Nahmad. - [2d ed.]       1978, c1965    
\*R-Econ.\HD1361\.C65\&\JBM\92-318 (SSL) JBM 92-318 & *R-Econ. HD1361.C65           Comparative statistics of industrial and office real estate markets       c1991- sn 91032042  
\006151           Fürst dieser Welt : Carl Schmitt und die Folgen       1983   3506771612
\010572          Ples blong iumi : Solomon Islands, the past four thousand years       1989   982020027X
\06\no. 4338\ (MAEDD) (PEFLM) (SCEDD)     Elwell, Donald Bruce     History of the advanced placement program of the College Entrance Examination Board to 1965       1967    
\06\no.10045\ (MAEDD) (SCEDD)     Dell'Olio, Jeanine Marquart     Schön's cycle of reflection-in-action in the work of staff developers       1993    
\06\no.9079\ (06)     Brooks, Ann Kristen     Critically reflective learning within a corporate context       1989    
\06\no.9781\ (MAEDD) (PEFLM) (SCEDD)     Waldow, Vera Regina     Conscientization of oppression in Brazilian nursing through feminist pedagogy       1991    
\0850\.65\.07q (F)     France. Assemblée nationale (1871-1942). Chambre des députés     Documents parlementaires : annexes aux Procés-verbaux des séances            
\104.1\F4293 (S)           Festschrift für Hermann Fillitz zum 70. Geburtstag : Aachener Kunstblätter des Museumsvereins       1994   3770133943
\107.1\N4827\1977-1\ Box (S)           Drawing and collage : selections from the New York University art collection : [exhibition] June 1, 1977 through July 1, 1977, Grey Art Gallery and Study Center, New York University       c1977 77080146  
\107.1\W611\1993-1 (S)           Subject of rape : June 23-August 29, 1993, Whitney Museum of American Art       c1993   0874270898
\110.4\R722 (S)     Rosenbaum-Dondaine, Catherine     Image de piété en France : 1814-1914       1984 85114786  
\110.709\Ar76 (S)           Arte russa e sovietica nelle raccolte italiane : Galleria civica, Modena, Palazzo dei musei       c1993   8877793694
\121.191R\B646 (S)     Borsellino, Enzo     Palazzo Corsini, Roma       c1995   8824039057
\125.21\L61\Q (S)     Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass Company     52 designs to modernize Main street with glass       [c1935] 38007197  
\126.\ 64C38\M29 (S)     Mallion, Jean     Chartres: le jubé de la Cathédrale       1964]    
\131.1\C271 (S)     Caspary, Hans     Sakramentstabernakel in Italien bis zum Konzil von Trient       (1965) 70375184  
\131.9J88\J887 (S)     Judd, Donald, 1928-     Donald Judd       1989]    
\14672\.873\4thser.\vol.9 (F)           Roman Catholicism in Elizabethan and Jacobean Staffordshire : documents from the Bagot Papers       1979 80507410  
\14930\ (REC)     Händel, Georg Friedrich, 1685-1759     Enregistrement d'époque       1986    
\156.45\Se72 (S)           Seta in Italia dal Medioevo al Seicento : dal baco al drappo       2000 00388554 8831774425
\176\G134 (S)     Gállego, Julián     Pintor de artesano a artista       1976 80450921 8433800167
\177Z81\D37 (S)     Delenda, Odile     Zurbarán : la obra final, 1650-1664 : Sala BBK, 10 de octubre de 2000 - 14 de enero de 2001       2000   8487184561
\188.8\W852 (S)     Wood, Jeremy     Hidden talents : a dictionary of neglected artists working 1880-1950       1994 gb 95011152 0952276607
\189J39\D85 (S)     Jellett, Mainie, 1897-1944     Mainie Jellett, 1897-1944 : a retrospective exhibition of paintings and drawings, July 26th to 7th October, 1962       [1962?]    
\190.4\C393 (S)     Chatzidakis, Nano     Icons, the Velimezis Collection : catalogue raisonné       1998   9608452473
\1-N\Ph.D.\1991\C53 (ROCK) \1-SIZE\ \cop. 2\ (ATHE) \1-SIZE\     Clarke, Eric Otto, 1963-     Magnetic attractions : bodies of knowledge in the nineteenth century       1991    
\1-N\Ph.D.\1991\S48 (SCI) \1-SIZE\ \cop. 2\ (ATHE) \1-SIZE\     Shumway, Scott Wesley, 1964-     Salt marsh secondary succession : the roles of salt, sex, and clonal growth       1991    
\220.89\M972 (S)           Musikalische Ikonographie       c1994   3890072240
\272.05\B69 (S)     Boyle, Leonard E     Schöpfung : ein Meisterwerk gotischer Buchmalerei       c1987   3763016325
\325.344\C678rXF     Cohen, William B., 1941-     Empereurs sans sceptre : histoire des administrateurs de la France d'outre-mer et de l'École coloniale       1973 75504007  
\497.5\M926     Munro, Pamela     Mojave syntax       1976 75025120 0824019709
\551.4\H438p\ \Storage\     Herschel, John F. W. (John Frederick William), Sir, 1792-1871     Physical geography of the globe       1867    
\618\D851 (S)     Ducati, Pericle, 1880-1944     Etruskische italo-hellenistische und römische malerei       [c1942] af 47005533  
\7890\.851\ .2\vol.9 (F)     Hutton, Richard, Sir, 1561?-1639     Diary of Sir Richard Hutton, 1614-1639 : with related texts       1991    
\793.2\W357r (DANA)     Waugh, F. A. (Frank Albert), 1869-1943     Recreation uses on the national forests       1918 agr19000169  
\79-906474 (CRLL)     Bhagavadgita. Chapters 1-2. English & Sanskrit     Bhagavadgita, according to Sri Madhva : text, word-for-word translation, introduction, and notes       1978?] 79906474  
\808.8\L75 (UGL) \PN\495\.L5711\1990           Literature and exile       1990   9051832214
\809\P9664           Prologues médiévaux : actes du colloque international organisé par l'Academia Belgica et l'Ecole française de Rome avec le concours de la F.I.D.E.M., Rome, 26-28 mars 1998       c2000   2503511244
\820.9\M524ad     Mella, Cesar T     Adrian Cristobal speaks and other literary figures       [1980], c1979 81208573  
\820.9\S613pr     Simpson, Kenneth     Protean Scot : the crisis of identity in eighteenth century Scottish literature       1988 gb 88050822 0080364012
\821\P437ev\1973a     Perez, Rolando Celis, 1947-     Evaluation of the moral aspects of the poems of Jose Garcia Villa and Ricaredo Demetillo       1973    
\822.8\G824ca     Greig, David     Casanova : a Suspect Culture text       2001   0571212786
\822.8\M646O\W45     Welland, Dennis Sydney Reginald     Miller : a study of his plays       1979 80451196 041338490X
\822.8\W333af     Waters, Steve     After the Gods       2002   0571215963
\822.9\E273in     Effiong, Philip U     In search of a model for African-American drama : a study of selected plays by Lorraine Hansberry, Amiri Baraka, and Ntozake Shange       c2000 00041172 0761817506
\828\A4726sn     Alvarez, Julia     Something to declare       1998 98020994 1565121937
\828\B9395se\     Bulosan, Carlos     Selected works and letters       1982    
\828\C2655sh     Card, Orson Scott     Shadow of the Hegemon       2001 00031678 0312876513
\828\C2655xe (JUV) \PS\3553\.A655\X5\1991     Card, Orson Scott, 1951-     Xenocide       1991 90027108 0312932081
\828\C672st     Coetzee, J. M., 1940-     Stranger shores : literary essays, 1986-1999       2001 2001273880 0670899828
\828\E9365aL     Evenson, Brian, 1966-     Altmann's tongue : stories and a novella       c2002 2002017982 0803267444
\828\J626la\     Joaquin, Nick     Language of the street and other essays       1980    
\828\R849wp\1937     Rotor, Arturo B. (Arturo Belleza)     Wound and the scar; selected stories       1937 41040519  
\828\S3316ki     Schickler, David     Kissing in Manhattan       2001 00052286 0385335660
\828\V712ap\1979     Villa, José García     Appassionata : poems in praise of love       c1979 78070422  
\828\V712ma     Villa, José García     Many voices; selected poems       1939    
\839.88\G112sn\tM69 (JUV) \PT\8951.17\.A17\S6413\1994 (UGL) \PT\8951.17\.A17\S6413\1994     Gaarder, Jostein, 1952-     Sophie's world : a novel about the history of philosophy       1994 94012467 0374266425
\840.31\A533           Anaphore et ses domaines       c1990   2252027312
\840.9\D6175           "Diversité, c'est ma devise" : Studien zur französischen Literatur des 17. Jahrhunderts : Festschrift für Jürgen Grimm zum 60. Geburtstag       1994    
\840.9\P468           Personnage et histoire littéraire : actes du colloque de Toulouse, 16-18 mai 1990       c1991   285816150X
\848\E395fe     Elgey, Georgette     Fenêtre ouverte; récit       [1973] 73164376  
\848\E713O\M15     McIlvanney, Siobhán     Annie Ernaux : the return to origins       2001   0853235376
\848\P883ma     Matgioï, 1861-1939     Maitre des sentences; roman asiatique       [19--]    
\848\S2se\M9     Sand, George, 1804-1876     Sept cordes de la lyre; Lettres à Marcie; Carl; Le dieu inconnu; La fille d'Albano       1869    
\848\T456O\A32     Thomas, Edith     Pages de journal, 1939-1944 ; suivies de, Journal intime de Monsieur Célestin Costedet, publié par Edith Thomas       c1995 95217302 287858063X
\850.9\A999ci     Azzolini, Paola     Cielo vuoto dell'eroina : scrittura e identità femminile nel Novecento italiano       2001   8883196333
\852L498\OP     Ledda, Gavino, 1938-     Padre padrone : l'educazione di un pastore       1975 75530965  
\860.5\I38           Indicativo y subjuntivo       c1990 91147162 8430601236
\868\F745cue     Fortún, Elena     Cuentos que Celia cuenta a los niños       [c1951]    
\869.9\A346hi     Albuquerque, Orlando de     História da literatura em Moçambique       1998   9728424221
\880.5\J62\1922     [Johnson, Eduard]     Sprechen Sie attisch?       1922 25007336  
\881\B229ph     Barbantani, Silvia     Phatis nikephoros : frammenti di elegia encomiastica nell'età delle guerre galatiche: Supplementum Hellenisticum 958 e 969       2001   883430697X
\888\S35O\B66     Boas, Marcus     De epigrammatis Simonideis. Pars prior: commentatio critica de epigrammatum traditione. ..       1905    
\890.8\B58\no.9\1980     Visvanatha Kaviraja     Sahitya-darpana       1980   3764813083
\890.8\O7p\n.s.\v.9-10     Hariri, 1054-1122     Assemblies of al-Hariri       1867-98 43022405  
\901.606\L55 (S)     Lecoq, Anne-Marie     François Ier imaginaire : symbolique et politique à l'aube de la Renaissance française       c1987   2865890198
\906.1\N16 (S)     Narrett, David E., 1951-     Inheritance and family life in Colonial New York City       1992 92007680 //r92 0801425174
\911.1\H21 (S)     Harder, Hermann     Président de Brosses et le voyage en Italie au dix-huitième siècle       1981   2051003548
\940\K84 (S)     Korp, Maureen     Sacred art of the earth : ancient and contemporary earthworks       1997 95046735 0826408834
\9660\.235 (F)     Bulletin (Fisheries Research Board of Canada)     Bulletin       1939-1979 sf 89013127  
\A-14715 (CRLL)     Fletcher, Matilda, Mrs     Practical ethics, for schools and families       1875    
\A-16923 (CRLL)     Grasberger, Lorenz, 1830-1903     Liebliche Erziehung bei den Grieschen und Römern       1864-1866    
\A-17085\Cat. C (CRLL)     Haweis, H. R. (Hugh Reginald), 1839-1901     Ashes to ashes, a cremation prelude       1875 07035841  
\A34b\249\II.88 (SY)     Ladányi, Andor     Egyetemi ifjúság az ellenforradalom elso éveiben : 1919-1921       1979 81458105 9630518732
\A-7894 (CRLL)     Lascelles, Thomas W., fl. ca. 1885-1914     Engraving       [1920] 21009144  
\A-94\809 (SC)           Spiritual and political leadership among nineteenth-century Crimean Karaites       1994    
\AS\32\.A22\no.24 (SCI) \QE\936\.C63     Clements, Frederic E. (Frederic Edward), 1874-1945     Environment and life in the Great Plains       1936 cd 37000002  
\B\2430\.F722\E542\1996     Foucault, Michel     Foucault live : interviews, 1961-1984       c1996   157027018X
\B\827\.C33     Carus, Paul, 1852-1919     Monism and meliorism, a philosophical essay on causality and ethics       1885 12031243  
\BF\701\.E961\1999           Evolution of the psyche       1999 98024561 0275963128
\BL\1138.62\.E5\1995a     Bhagavadgita. English     Bhagavad Gita : bhashya and tatparyanirnaya of Sri Madhva       1995 96902848  
\BL\1420\.L24     Lamotte, Etienne     Histoire du Bouddhisme indien; des origines à l'ére Saka       1958    
\BL\180\.R362     Reimarus, Hermann Samuel, 1694-1768     Apologie; oder, Schutzschrift für die vernünftigen Verehrer Gottes       [1972] 73312112  
\BL\2480\.A4\M62     Meyerowitz, Eva (Lewin-Richter) 1899-     Akan of Ghana, their ancient beliefs       [1958] 58001867  
\BL\619\.S45\C78\1995     Crumlin-Pedersen, Ole     Ship as symbol : in prehistoric and medieval Scandinavia : papers from an international research seminar at the Danish National Museum, Copenhagen, 5th-7th May 1994       1995 96216497 8789384016
\BL\863\.R671\1994     Ross, Margaret Clunies     Prolonged echoes : Old Norse myths in medieval Northern society       1994- 95158807 8778380081
\BM\534\.F55 (GOTT)     Fleischman, Louis     Natsyonale megile       1905 50039499  
\BS\1505.2\.S281\1993     Sawyer, John F. A     Prophecy and the biblical prophets       1993 92044095 0198262108
\BS\2302\M8\2002 (MAIN) in process     Moulton, W. F. (William Fiddian), 1835-1898     Concordance to the Greek New Testament       2002   0567085716
\BV\468\.W22           Early Latin hymns: with introduction and notes       1922 23002361  
\BV\639\.W7\A3711\1990           After Eve       1990 gb 90002388 0551020393
\C84\F981 (S)     Expansão portuguesa e a arte do marfim. English     Portuguese expansion overseas and the art of ivory : Lisbon, June 25th to September 15th, 1991       1991 93110397  
\CC\65\.B86B\no.483           Bronze age-iron age transition in Europe : aspects of continuity and change in European societies, c. 1200 to 500 B.C.       1989   0860546209
\D\767.98\.B59\1988           Bikfala faet : olketa Solomon Aelanda rimembarem Wol Wo Tu = The big death : Solomon Islanders remember World War II       1988    
\D\802\.F82\B66\C37\1999     Capdevila, Luc     Bretons au lendemain de l'Occupation : imaginaires et comportements d'une sortie de guerre (1944-1945)       1999   2868473806
\D\810\.P4\F33\1988           Face of the enemy : British photographers in Germany 1944-1952       [1988?]   1853784036
\D-17273 (CRLL)           Atlas infrakrasnykh spektrov fosfatov : kondensirovannye fosfaty       1985 85229532  
\D805\.F8\ xS3714 (F)     Schramm, Hanna, 1896-     Vivre à Gurs : un camp de concentration français 1940-1941       1979   2707110701
\DC\342.8\.C6\M83     Mordacq, Jean Jules Henri, 1868-     Ministère Clemenceau, journal d'un témoin       [1930]- 31003781  
\DG\975\.S5\B37\1997           Above Siena : the shape of the city       c1997   8886417276
\Disc\CD\49 (MAIN)     Chayat, Shlomit     'Ivrit min ha-hathalah he-hadash [sound recording] : taklitorim       2001?]    
\DISS\27604     Haddad, Angela Teresa     Impact of technology on workers and their jobs : a study of the relationship between technology and worker alienation using the 1972 quality of employment survey       1998    
\DISS\27801     Dubois, Laurent     Colony of citizens : revolution and slave emancipation in the French Caribbean, 1789-1802       1998    
\DISS\28010     Ekman, Erik Gustaf     Narratio and enarratio : history and exegesis in the Historia Scholastica, Breviarum Historie Catholice, and General Estoria       1998    
\DISS\28251     Katz, Mark     Phonograph effect : the influence of recording on listener, performer, composer, 1900-1940       1999    
\DISS\28567     Waterhouse, Melinda Harwood     Writing in between : exile and epistolarity in the works of Isabelle de Charrière, Sénac de Meilhan, and Germaine de Staël       1999    
\DISS\29051     Crumm, Aaron Thomas     MicroFabrication by CoeXtrusion       2000    
\DISS\29279     Horodowich, Elizabeth A     Unmannered tongue : blasphemy, insults, and gossip in Renaissance Venice       2000    
\Diss\E5\1988\G84\ (LML)     Gulotta, Donna Sheinberg     Fairy tales and Arthurian legends in the novels of Henry James : the emergence of self       1988    
\DR\1\.S93\v.42           Industrialisierung und gesellschaftlicher Wandel in Südosteuropa       1989 90158596 3925450157
\DS\110\.E4\E55\1996     Eph'al, Israel     Aramaic ostraca of the fourth century BC from Idumaea       c1996 97148934 9652239585
\DS\121\M97\2002 (MAIN)     Murphy, Frederick James     Early Judaism : the exile to the time of Jesus       c2002 2001006926 1565630874
\DS\353\.W75     Wilson, H. H. (Horace Hayman), 1786-1860     Ariana antiqua       1841 10022371  
\DS\678\.A28\V723     Villa, Simeon A , d.1945     Aguinaldo's odyssey; as told in the diaries of Col. Simeon Villa and Dr. Santiago Barcelona       1963    
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\HdCpy (CRLS)           Women's wear daily         sf 83006989  
\HdCpy (CRLS)           Women's wear daily         sf 83006989  
\HdCpy (CRLS)           Women's wear daily         sf 83006989  
\HdCpy (CRLS)           Women's wear daily         sf 83006989  
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92952.489     Institute of Radio Engineers. Professional Group on Electronic Computers     Transactions of the I.R.E. Professional Group on Electronic Computers            
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MIC/AJPC/286           (Chicago) Advocate            
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ML1711 .R54\1992     Riis, Thomas Laurence     More than just minstrel shows : the rise of black musical theatre at the turn of the century       1992 92072055 0914678361
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