Multiple 856 Fields

Use multiple 856 fields to link to discrete documents or sections of the same document from a single Brief Title record.

Use multiple 856s when:

Documents in a series (for example, lecture notes) are submitted by a professor over the course of the semester.

Imaging Services or library scanning staff ask you to break a document into sections based on its size (for example, greater than 4 MegaBytes), and not necessarily its page length.

When creating multiple 856s and URLs, it is very important to make them unique. In the 856 field, precede each URL with an identifying note or phrase. And at the end of each URL add a unique portion of the identifying note.

Use the MARC public note subfield code ("|z") before the text of the identifying note, and immediately follow the text of the note with the subfield code for electronic location and access ("|u").

To add electronic links to an existing title, select the Modify Title wizard, search for and locate your title. In the "Bib" tab, "Bibliographic Info" box, place your cursor in the existing 856 field box, and click on the downward facing arrow (after) icon in the right hand corner of the screen. A blank field appears, key in "856" and the new note and URL.


Note: the URL's below are wrapped.

245 Class Notes

856 |zWeek One| _001_01_classnotes_weekone.pdf

856 |zWeek Two| _001_01_classnotesweektwo.pdf

856 |zWeek Three| _001_01_classnotesweekthree.pdf

100 Doe, Jane

245 Goals, guidance, and grades

856 |zpgs. 1-30 of 40| _001_001_01_doe_goalspgs1-30.pdf

865 |zpgs. 31-40 of 40| _001_001_01_doe_goalspgs31-40.pdf

Last updated: July 18, 2007
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