Instructions for removing fines/bib records

  1. In workflows, select "Pay Bill"
  2. Enter user's ID
  3. Be SURE to select the reserve fine for the item listed on the exception records generated by systems.
  4. Enter $$ amount under "payment"
  5. Select "Waive" as Payment Type
  6. Click on "Pay Bills"
  7. Click on "Bill a User"
  8. Enter user's ID
  9. Select "MISC" under Reason for Bill
  10. Enter $$ amount from reserve fine
  11. Item Barcode is gray now (no barcode will appear on the bill)
  12. Click on "Bill User"
  13. Annotate patron's record in Pub-note using this text "Misc created for Reserve overdue fine. For details click on reserveovd fine and on "ALL" in Bills tab"
  14. Click on "Modify user"
  15. Click on "Delete title, call numbers or items"
  16. Enter item's barcode and click on Search.
  17. Place check mark next to the item - item to be removed will then appear italicized
  18. Click "delete"
  19. Warning will appear that "This action will remove the title. Would you like to remove the title?" Click "Yes"
  20. Item should be removed

Last updated: July 18, 2007; February 28, 2008
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