The Insiders' Guide to the Language of RUL - Abbreviations & Acronyms Commonly Used

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AAL - Ask a Librarian, a service of the RUL

AALL - Ask a Librarian Live

ASC - Access Services Committee

AUL - Associate University Librarian


CAG - Collection Analysis Group

CDC - Collection Development Council (Predecessor to LRC)

CHEN - Council for Higher Education in Newark

CIC - Committee on Institutional Cooperation

COR - Committee of Review

CISC - Cyber-Infrastructure Steering Committee

CKDB - Common Knowledge Data Base (begun initially at Alexander Library and became a project of NBL. was at

CRC - Continuing Resources Cataloging

CSC - Committee on Scholarly Communication

CTAAR - Center for Teaching Advancement and Assessment Research

CTS - Central Technical Services (located on the Busch Campus in the Technical Services Building)


DAWG - Digital Architecture and Infrastructure Working Group

DCRC - Digital Curation Research Center (on 4th floor at Alexander Library)

DIG - Digital Interface Group (group formed under auspices of LRC and USC)

DOI - Digital Object Identifier

DRM - Digital Rights Management

DTS - Distributed Technical Services (located at Alexander Library)

DWG - Data Working Group

DWG - Discovery Working Group


EAD - Encoded Archival Description

EDUCAUSE - nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology

ERP - Ethnographic Research Project

ETD - Electronic Theses and Dissertations (part of RUCore)


FCP - Faculty Compensation Program

FDLP - Federal Depository Library Program

FEDORA - Flexible, Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture

FIGS - First Year Interest Group Seminar


GAIA - Global Advancement and International Affairs centers


IAPP - International Academic Partnership Program

ICOP - Instructional Community of Practice

IIS - Integrated Information Systems

IJS - Institute of Jazz Studies (located at Dana Library, Newark)

ILIAC - Information Literacy Implementation Advisory Committee (under the auspices of USC)

ILLiad - OCLC Resource Sharing Management software (for interlibrary loan)

IMLS - Institute of Museum and Library Services (a grant-making federal agency)

IPAC - IRIS Public Access Committee (former name for the Library Catalog Committee)

IRIS - Integrated Rutgers Information System (former name of the Library Catalog, change effective July 1, 2011)

ISAWG - Inventory and Stacks Automation Working Group

ISC - Instructional Services Committee (Disbanded and replaced by ICOP)


LCC - Library Catalog Committee (formerly IPAC)

LDAP - Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

LDG - Library Directors Group

LEAD - Leadership Education and Development Committee

LIS - Library Information System Committee

LRC - Library Resources Council (one of two major councils advising the AUL/Collection Development & Management and AUL/Digital Library Systems)

LSM - Library of Science & Medicine


MDS - Materials Delivery Service (interlibrary loan, intra-library loans, etc.)

MEMDB - Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank (

MIC - Moving Image Collections (was at


NBCG - New Brunswick Collections Group

NBISG - New Brunswick Information Services Group

NBISSG - New Brunswick Information Services Steering Group

NBL - New Brunswick Libraries

NBLF - New Brunswick Libraries Faculty

NJEDge -a non-profit technology consortium of academic and research institutions in New Jersey (

NJEDL - New Jersey Environmental Digital Library (

NJDH - New Jersey Digital Highway (

NJVid - New Jersey Digital Video Repository (


OIRT - Office of Instructional and Research Technology (part of OIT, Office of Instructional Technology)

OIT - Office of Instructional Technology for Rutgers University

OJS - Open Journal System

OLE - Open Library Environment (an initiative funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation, in which RUL is participating with Duke, Lehigh, and other institutions)

ORSP - Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for Rutgers University


PALCI - Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc.

PALS - Program in American Language Studies

PCSP - Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy (

PCWG - PC Working Group

PEC - Peer Evaluation Committee (part of the FCP process for library faculty)

PlanCo - Planning and Coordinating Committee, an RUL standing committee

PPAAC - Personnel Policy and Affirmative Action Committee

PTRC - Patent and Trademark Resource Center


RA - Reference Assistant

RaSEWG - Research and Scholarly Environment Working Group

RBHS - Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences

RDA - Resource Description & Access

RDS - Rutgers Delivery Service

REBL - Reciprocal Borrowing and Lending Program

Relais - E-ZBorrow software

RIS - Research and Instructional Services

RIOT - Research Information Online Tutorial (

RLRC - Research Leave Review Committee

RoP - Rules of Procedure Committee

RSG - Resource Sharing Group

RUCore - Rutgers Institutional Repository/Rutgers Community Repository

RUL - Rutgers University Libraries

RULAC - Rutgers University Libraries Advisory Committee

RWJUH - Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital


SAPAC - Scholarly and Professional Activities Committee

SAS - Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences

SC&I - School of Communication & Information

SCC - Scholarly Communication Center (located on the 4th floor of Alexander Library)

SC/UA - Special Collections/University Archives

SEBS - Rutgers School of Environmental & Biological Sciences

SERC - Science and Engineering Resource Center

SIVWG - Streaming Instructional Videos Working Group

SMLR - School of Management and Labor Relations

SPCOL/UA - Special Collections and University Archives

SUS - Shared User Services


TAS - Technical and Automated Services (located in the Technical Services Building, Busch)

TLH - Teleconference Lecture Hall (located on the 4th floor, Alexander Library)

TSB - Technical Services Building, Busch Campus

TSCWG - Technical Services Core Working Group


UMDNJ - University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

USAWG - User Services & Applications Working Group

USC - User Services Council (one of two major councils advising the AUL/RIS and AUL/Digital Library Systems)


VALE - Virtual Academic Library Environment

VALID - VALE Academic Libraries Information Discovery

VMC - Video Mosaic Collaborative


WAAND - Women Artists Archive National Directory

WAC - Web Advisory Committee

WILD - Women in Leadership Database (Retired project)

WOWZA - used for streaming media


XACML - Extensible access control markup language

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