Committee/Task Force Template

  1. Committees in Context: these elements should be codified/stated when a new committee or task force is established
    1. Purpose: Why do we need this committee? Is there an existing committee, department or an individual who can achieve the goal?
    2. Placement: How does this committee relate to other groups or units? To whom is this committee responsible? What are the deliverables?
    3. Charge: What is this committee going to do? Who is charging this Committee?
    4. Sponsor* : Who guides this committee?
    5. Members: Who is on this committee? Why are they there?
    6. Chair: Who is in charge of this committee? Why is this person in charge?
    7. Time frame: When are deliverables due, how frequently does this Committee report on its work, and when does the committee end?
    8. Elements: Agendas, Work Plans, Assessment, Communication
  2. Characteristics of Effective Committees:
    Characteristics of a Good Chair
    1. Content Knowledge
    2. Experience relevant to work of the committee
    3. Proven leadership and facilitation skills
    4. Proven people skills
    5. Communication skills coupled with willingness to communicate
    6. Willingness to employ all types of technology in scheduling and holding meetings.
  3. Duties of an Effective Chair
    1. Collaborative preparation of agenda
    2. Facilitation of committee discussion
    3. Facilitation of individual contribution
    4. Deadline setting
    5. Follow up work
    6. Communication broadly to the organization of committee's progress
    7. Communication with committee sponsor of committee's progress
    8. Formal delivery of results
    Duties of a Good Committee Member:
    1. Regular meeting attendance
    2. Advance preparation for meeting
    3. Relevant and constructive contributions to meetings
    4. Focused on committee deliverables
    5. Supportive of Chair and other committee members
    6. Listener
    7. Takes responsibility
    8. Communicates committee progress to constituencies and seeks their input

*Committee sponsor is the cabinet level or other senior management person that is ultimately responsible for the committee. Typically the sponsor is responsible for

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