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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Volume 26 Number 36 March 27, 2005

Douglass Library Getting More Popular

Upon reviewing exit statistics over the past eight months, the Douglass Reference Team spotted a very encouraging trend. Compared to statistics from 2002-2003, the Douglass Library has seen a marked increase in visitors in 2004/2005: an average of 5,000 more per month. This comparison excludes 2003/2004, since the library was not in full service due to ongoing renovation.

Douglass Reference Team Leader Kayo Denda attributes the increased traffic to two probable causes - the draw of the newly renovated spaces and the heightened level of public events.

A user survey conducted in October 2004 by the Douglass/Music/Media/Foster Center Information Services Team found high satisfaction levels with newly renovated library spaces. Respondents reported that their most frequent uses of the library were for quiet study, email, homework, and research. Respondents also gave high marks to the new information commons, particularly the aesthetics, the comfortable furniture, and the convenient placement of RUCS computers.

Douglass Library personnel have also made a concerted effort to hold more public events, to draw in visitors with different interests from across the university. In addition to the annual Mary H. Dana Women Artists series exhibitions and events, the Library has hosted programs to celebrate the 35th anniversary of women's and gender studies at Rutgers, a poetry reading, an exhibition and opening reception highlighting the social action projects of the Institute of Women's Leadership scholars, and other activities.

We commend the Douglass Library librarians and staff who have put in great thought and effort to make the most of their attractive new building. We wish them continued success!

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   Douglass College senior Rajni Bhardwaj, a participant in the Leadership Scholars Certificate Program at the Institute of Women's Leadership, speaks at the opening of the "Young Leaders and Social Change" exhibition at the Douglass Library on February 1, 2005.

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Special Collections to Receive Former Governor's Archive

The Rutgers University Libraries are soon to become the proud home of the personal papers, photographs, and other official memorabilia of former New Jersey Governor Brendan T. Byrne.

University President Richard McCormick sent the former governor a letter earlier this month to confirm the gift. He noted that the Byrne archive joins other historic manuscript collections, all stored and carefully managed by Special Collections and University Archives.

Further news on the unique treasures of this collection will be shared, as the papers and artifacts are received, reviewed, and organized for public use.

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Librarian Prepares to Travel for Rutgers

Congratulations to James Niessen, world history librarian based in Alexander Library, who was selected to participate in the 2005 Rutgers New Faculty Traveling Seminar. The traveling seminar, led by President Richard McCormick, will be held May 23-27.

We look forward to hearing Jim's tales from the road upon his return.

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Personnel Changes
As of March 10, 2005


New Brunswick Libraries
  Yasuhito Denda, Library Assistant 2
  Meghan Lord, Library Assistant 2
  Linda Zuckerman, Library Associate III


New Brunswick Libraries
  Ines Gessner, Library Supervisor II
  William Torres, Library Assistant 2

Technical & Automated Services
  Mary Alice Cicerale, Library Supervisor I


New Brunswick Libraries
  Rosalba Barbalace, Library Supervisor II
  Robin Pastorio-Newman, Library Associate II
  Andrew Ruggiero, Unit Computing Specialist
  Chiaki Yamada, Library Associate II

Public Services & Communications
 Imaging Services:
  Maria Pedersen, Head Clerk Bookkeeper
  Darryl Voorhees, Library Associate II

Technical and Automated Services
  Mary Belinsky, Library Supervisor I
  Ruth Dyer, Library Associate I
  Janet Howard, Assistant Head Acquisition Services
  Julianna Ritter, Library Associate I


Robeson Library
  Eva Koenig, Library Assistant 2

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February 27, 2005
February 13, 2005
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