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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Volume 26 Number 39 July 10, 2005

NB Librarian Chosen For
Tech Teaching Fellows Program

Jeris Cassel has been selected to participate in the Rutgers-New Brunswick Center for the Advancement of Teaching's (CAT) Instructional Technology Teaching Fellows program for 2005-2006.

Over the next academic year, CAT Teaching Fellows will review the strengths of course management systems such as WebCt, Sakai, eCompanion, Blackboard, and others. The fellows will meet regularly with University Director for Instructional and Research Technologies Chuck Hedrick and other technology and teaching leaders at the university. The fellows will develop strategies to provide technological and pedagogical support for the leading course management systems both in and out of the classroom. As part of the program, each fellow will also visit a minimum of one peer institution or a disciplinary conference, give a presentation on instructional technology, attend sessions on course management software, and give a presentation on their experiences to the other participants in the fellows program.

Congratulations to Jeris for her selection for this important program.

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TAS Celebrates "Bring Your Child To Work Day"

In April Technical and Automated Services (TAS) hosted the 2005 celebration of "Bring Your Child to Work Day". The day featured a welcome breakfast, a tour of the Scholarly Communication Center (SCC), a visit to the exhibition The People of New Jersey: Their Enduring Journey, lunch, and "Back Talk," where the children shared their experiences in a round table forum. TAS staff also used the occasion to celebrate the achievements of their student workers.

   see caption
   Participants in TAS's Bring Your Child to Work Day outside Alexander Library after their tour of the SCC and Special Collections. Front row, left to right: Takeese Harris, Katherine Ritter, Julianna Ritter, Chanteeyah Rivera, Candace Matthews, Christina Barrow, and Natalie Brennan. Back row, left to right, Rohan Ananthan, Dale Stevens, Kalaivani Ananthan, Rhonda Marker, and John Brennan.

This was the third year that TAS hosted "Bring Your Child to Work Day." The day's program was coordinated by Kalaivani Anathan, Christopher Barrow, John Brennan, Rhonda Marker, Dale Stevens, and Julianna Ritter. They acknowledge, with gratitude, Isaiah Beard of the Scholarly Communication Center and Fernanda Perrone of Special Collections and University Archives, who both made presentations to the group.

If you'd like to read the full online report about the TAS program, please see:

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