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Rutgers University Libraries Collection Development Council
Acquisition and Retention Policies
For Journals in Print and Online Formats

1. Acquisition of New Print and Electronic Journals


When acquiring journals new to RUL, by purchase, gift or open access, digital format will be chosen for broader access by the Rutgers academic community. Print copies will only be acquired when the content is not reliably available in a digital format.

Exceptions are:

c. Acquiring new journals in print format will be allowed only when these conditions apply:

2. Cancelling Print Subscriptions when Journals are Available Online

a. RUL will cancel all print subscriptions whenever the reliable electronic versions of subscribed journals are available directly from the publisher (not aggregator) and are offered in perpetuity and not leased, except when:

b. If RUL has multiple print subscriptions and no online access to the journal, the electronic access option will be investigated by the department managing e-resources. If the cost of electronic access is acceptable, the electronic version of the journal will be licensed and all print subscriptions will be cancelled. These steps will be taken in consultation with the appropriate selector.

3. Retaining Print Holdings when Journals are Available Online

a. One print (archival) copy of a journal title will be retained at the library of record within the RUL system. The library of the record is the collection to which principal responsibility for the subject has been assigned by the AUL CD in the light of collecting responsibilities and user needs.

b. Multiple print subscriptions to low cost or high use titles can be retained when it is deemed to be the most economical and efficient method of providing access in lieu of interlibrary loan or intra-system document delivery.

c. If RUL has multiple print subscriptions and online access, and only one print subscription is required for online access, that print subscription will be kept at the library of record for that discipline. Any other print holdings will be withdrawn from the collection.

4. Print Back-runs for Journals Available Electronically

a. Archival print runs of journals are to be located in the library of record, even if older issues have been moved to the Annex. If there is a current print subscription, it should be housed at the library of record with the print archive.

b. The selector who initiates a request for a digital resource where print is held in multiple locations, will consult with the appropriate selectors throughout RUL about which library should retain the archival print run and present a recommendation to the AUL for Collection Development. If the AUL approves, the recommendation, the following steps will be carried out:

c. The AUL will decide where to locate the archival print run if a recommendation is not made by the selectors or is not approved.

5. Consortial Sharing of Responsibility for Print Backfiles

As consortial sharing responsibilities are implemented, retention policies should be reviewed. and updated and with all sharing, material should be examined for condition before sharing or deemed last copy. All distributed archiving and last copy policies must be documented at the item level of the owning library to avoid weeding the designated items.

January 13, 2015

This policy should be reviewed every three years or as needed.

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