Collection Development Statement
Rutgers University Libraries Last Copy Policy

This policy is in force for all materials owned by RUL. The last copy of a title is not withdrawn from the Rutgers University Libraries collection, except in cases noted below. Last copies will be housed in the appropriate research collection or in the library annex. After review by the appropriate selector, textbooks, superseded editions of non-fiction, deaccessioned print journal runs, material in unusable condition and not worth preserving, and e-resources with inactive URLs or technologically obsolete formats, e.g., videocassettes, may be withdrawn from the online catalog and the collection.

Exceptions to the RUL "Last Copy" Policy (applies only to monographs)

If an item is identified for possible withdrawal (when flagged for preservation, or in the course of weeding and consolidation), it may be exempted from the "Last Copy" policy and withdrawn, even if RUL possesses no other copy, in the event that:

  1. The subject selector judges that the anticipated use value (curricular, disciplinary, research, or circulations to date) doesn't justify the cost of keeping or preservation treatment of the copy and
  2. At least 5 other holdings exist in World Cat or
  3. Digital surrogate exists in RUcore or another designated (by Library Resources Council) repository or
  4. Physical condition of the item (brittle, missing parts, heavy mold) argues against keeping it

(May 20, 2010; revised December 15, 2011, revised April 19, 2012)

Last updated: May 3, 2012
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