Rutgers University Libraries Mold Policy


This policy applies to all materials, regardless of format, located in the collections of the Rutgers University Libraries (RUL).

For Gift collections and materials, please refer to the Guidelines for the Acquisition of Gift Collections.

RUL libraries with "Special Collections material" emphasize unique artifactual values in their collecting priorities and so tend to take more steps to isolate and mitigate mold damage rather than replacement and withdrawal.

Items in library collections

When an item has been positively determined to be affected by mold and its content deemed essential, one of these remedies must be applied:

If RUL holds another exact copy (or copies) of the same item in print, or if RUL has continuous access to a digital surrogate for the damaged item, then the item will be discarded. An example of an exact copy is when multiple copies of the same edition are listed on the same item record. The existence and condition of the other copy(s) will be confirmed before the item is discarded.

If there is no reliable alternative copy in the RUL collections, the appropriate Selector may choose to:

If an entire collection or a large part of one is affected by mold, items duplicative of print or reliable digital holdings of the RUL will be withdrawn. Unique items will be remediated as funding permits.

Last updated: December 8, 2014
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