Processing Y 4 Microfiche from Depository Shipments (DW)

     Processing Y4 Microfiche from Depository Shipments (DW)


1.       The Docs Processor (DW) receives the Y4 fiche according to US depository procedures.

2.       DW gives the fiche to the Documents Librarian (SB) for review.

3.       SB reviews the fiche, and gives it to the MARCIVE Coordinator (CS).

4.       If one or more volumes/parts of a multi-volume/part hearing are identified, the MARCIVE Coordinator will add the multiple volumes to the appropriate IRIS record. If and only if a duplicate record exists for that particular part, the MARCIVE Coordinator will delete that particular part record from IRIS.

5.       The MARCIVE Coordinator will return the remaining Y4 fiche back to the Docs Processor.

6.       Search for each fiche by Title Keyword in Workflows.

7.       When a full record is found, match it to the fiche by title and SuDoc #.

A.  When a match is certain:

      1.   Go to the [Vol/Copy] folder and change “DOCUS - PENDING” to “DOCUSM”.

2.       Go to the [Control] folder and change “Date Cataloged” from “NEVER” to

       “TODAY”.  Click “OK” and press Return.

3.       Click “Review”, be sure that changes are correct.

B.   If a match is uncertain Docs Processor will forward the fiche in question to the

       MARCIVE Coordinator for further IRIS searching and processing.

8.       If a record is not found, Docs Processor forwards these microfiche to the MARCIVE Coordinator for further IRIS searching and processing.

9.       If record still not found, it may be that the record has not yet been produced by MARCIVE nor loaded into IRIS. Check again for record in 1-2 weeks. If still not in IRIS, contact Documents Librarian. 


Processing Y4 Microfiche Full Records from MON-NEW & MON-CNG MARCIVE Record Loads (CS)


1.       Search for each fiche by Title Keyword in Workflows.

2.       If the Home and Current Location in the Vol/Copy tab is DOCUSM and the Date Cataloged Date is set to an actual date (as opposed to NEVER), then the record is "Done" and can be marked DONE on the Access Table and the MON-NEW/MON-CNG printout.

3.       If the Home and Current locations is still set to PENDING

·         Run the call # through Documents Data Miner 2 shipping list search to find whether or not the hearing has been released yet in microfiche.  If so, then check ALEX shipping list records to see whether or not that fiche was indeed received.

·         If it has been received, then check the DOCUSM cabinets for the fiche.  Follow normal MON-NEW procedures for the rest of processing.

·         If DDM2 has no record of the title being released by GPO in microfiche format then leave the status cell for that title blank in the Access table and wait for the fiche to arrive from GPO.

4.       For born online records (identified by call# having numerous extra digits on end) of Congressional Hearings

·         Run the title through the DDM2 shipping list search. 

·         If nothing comes up, then delete the ALEX detailed holding in the Vol/Copy tab of the Workflows record IF AND ONLY IF AN RU-ONLINE DETAILED HOLDINGS IS THERE TOO.

5.       If/when an actual fiche for that title does eventually arrive, an item will be created for ALEX upon receipt.



RUL pays for and receives only the fully cataloged records (not TMP records). These paper records are for the US Depository shipments of fiche (unlike all other cataloging situations where we would normally update the bib record to reflect the root material format, we don’t modify these paper records to reflect this format discrepancy – decision agreed to by RUL documents librarians and catalogers.) When DW receives the fiche, the paper records should already be loaded into IRIS. DW processes the fiche on IRIS: she changes DOCUS-PENDING to DOCUSM, and changes the date cataloged from NEVER to TODAY.


These same fully cataloged records that DW processes also show up on the MON-NEW & MON-CNG MARCIVE loads. When CS works on a load that contains Y4s, most of them will already have been processed by DW quite a while ago. Therefore, all CS (or a student) has to do is pull up the Y4 records on IRIS, and check to see that the location and date cataloged have been changed. If so, then those records are considered DONE!  [CS can create a Y4 call# query on MON-NEW & MON-CNG tables.  After converting the Access query into an Excel file, CS can  email file to student worker for title verification in IRIS].

For the few Y4s that have NOT been changed, these may be (1) shipment items that were inadvertently not changed on IRIS when they arrived, (2) hearings cataloged prior to RUL receiving MARCIVE records – Aug 2002, or (3) born online hearings. For (1) and (2), it is necessary to go upstairs and verify the holdings, just like any other item in a MON-NEW/MON-CNG load. For (3), see born online procedures above…



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