The Rutgers University New Brunswick Libraries follow the guidelines provided in GPO's Instructions to Depository Libraries and Federal Depository Library Manual when processing depository materials.  This procedure supplements those guidelines to meet local requirements.  Staff members should consult GPO's Instructions, Manual, and these procedures when processing material received through the Federal Depository Library Program.

Receiving and Opening Boxes (ALEX)

Annotating Shipping Lists (ALEX)

Labelling and Processing Materials (ALEX)

Labelling and Processing Materials - Paper, including Maps (ALEX)

Distribution of Materials (ALEX)

ATTN: Bob Hosh
Government Publications
U.S. Depository
LSM – Busch

Receiving and Processing Shipments (LSM)

NOTE: Boxes are opened when they are received at LSM to check for claims, which are processed immediately.

Annotating Shipping Lists and Labelling Materials: Paper

Annotating Shipping Lists and Labelling Materials: Microfiche

Annotating Shipping Lists and labelling materials: Electronic

Annotating Shipping Lists and Labelling Materials : Maps

Distribution of Materials (LSM)

Shipping List Distribution (LSM)

Copy – Mary Fetzer
Copy – LSM Government Publications
Original – Alex Collection Services ATTN: Diane Walker
(NOTE: Originals of lists that include items needing to be claimed are not returned to Alex until the claim has been sent)

Shipping List Retention (ALEX & LSM)

Draft 3/13/00, revised 5/4/00, 6/15/00 - sb/re/ec