1. Print out the monthly Marcive Monograph List
  2. The Marcive searcher will take the Monograph list and a cart, if necessary, and search by Sudoc number, title and format type indicated in the item number column in the documents collection. When the item is found place on cart and place an ‘X’ in the format Item Number Column of the title on the list. Microfiche need not be pulled if identity is certain. (LSM pulls Microfiche)
  3. Also search for additional formats (paper, cd’s, microfiche).
  4. Split list items:

When there is confusion or conflict in the location of a title on the Split Items List search documents card catalog and other records to resolve through communication between the units the proper location of the title.

  1. If title is not found:
    1. Check Documents Card Catalog and/or Kardex (monograph series) for a card to determine title, format and holdings. Use List of Classes to determine agency if necessary.
    2. Search by SUDOC #(s) for title (item) in the documents collection. Check for title on sorting carts or shelves as well and the microfiche sorting box atop the DOCUSM file cabinets.
    3. If item is not found at it’s location place an ‘zero’ in the Item # Column next to the item title.
    4. For items not  found: check the shipping lists to see if the title was ever received or claimed
      1. If claimed follow up on claim status.
      2. If the shipping list shows that the item was received make a note on the Monograph List regarding format received. Initiate Power Search.
      3. Return cart and found items to the Collection Services Section and place on designated MARCIVE WORK SHELF with list in SUDOC number order.
      4. If item was claimed but never received see step 9 below.
  2. The Marcive co-ordinator will search IRIS by Title Key Word search for the Marcive record and match the item title with the Marcive record using the following criteria:
    1. Title agrees and is an exact match
    2. Control number agrees.
    3. Sudoc number agree (at all points in the Bib record)
    4. Agency and publication information agree
    5. Shipping list numbers agree. If there is a shipping list number discrepancy, resolve it by checking the shipping lists for the correct match as in edition or revision to clarify the reason for the discrepancy.
  3. If title and record match:
    1. Change date cataloged from ‘NEVER’ to ‘TODAY’ in the record control tab.
    2. Change to appropriate ‘LIBRARY’ if necessary and change ‘PENDING’ to the proper “home” and “current” location in the Vol/No. tab.
    3. Barcode the item using established guidelines

      1. Item in microfiche format
      2. Alexander Library maps.
      3. LSM maps may be bar-coded, but the barcode is written in pencil on the map. (See separate LSM procedures)
    4. Mark the ‘DONE’ on both the printout.
    5. Mark the online Marcive monographs list title access file ‘DONE’.
    6. Place item on re-shelving cart or in microfiche filing box.
  4. If title and record do not match:
    1. Return item to re-shelving cart and have searcher recheck possible locations using guidelines in step three if needed. If title is found proceed to step 4; if not found go to steps B, C, and D below.
    2. Check online Documents Data Miner2 for additional information.
    3. Check RLIN and OCLC for possible additional information
    4. Do a ‘POWER SEARCH’ for the item (See POWER SEARCH check list)
  5. If the title (item) is determined never received:

1.      If after power search is completed and item is still not found consult with Documents Librarian to resolve issue.


Revised 08/23/2005 rsh, cs