Proposed Revision of Marcive Serial Processing Procedures: SER-NEW & SER-NEW ONLINE


  1. Documents Librarian sends request to Marcive coordinators for format & holdings information for dup/pending titles (listed on a specific table) to be sent to Serials Cataloging.



  1. Coordinator gathers tangible format and holdings information on the dup/pending titles and then sends the information to Serials Cataloging (email, snail mail).



  1. Coordinator waits for notification by Ellen that the Serial Table is ready for processing. The titles to work on are designated as D-DUP, D-DUP/PENDG and NEW.



  1. Coordinator creates query using the instructions at:  see attached sheet (should be put on website)



  1. Coordinator establishes a folder for each query with a statistics cover sheet.



  1. Coordinator reviews every title on the query at this time to determine if any titles need special investigation/handling (as to retention policy, location, SuDoc # variations). This involves scanning title’s full bib record and consulting card catalog and annotating the query accordingly.

In addition, annotate each card in card catalog with the note: For Holdings See IRIS



  1. Coordinator/Searcher goes out into the collection to search for items by SuDoc# and title in all formats (paper, microfiche, CD-ROM).



  1. The tangible formats are pulled (or noted on the query) and brought back to the workstation in order to match the item in hand with the full Marcive record.







  1. Coordinator does a title keyword search on each item to establish record-title match and to resolve any possible duplicate records; follow established MARCIVE guidelines for Unit processing of Duplicate Records found at: under Government Processing



  1.  Record & title match and physical holdings are to be added—follow standard serial check in procedures; if necessary create serial control record and check holdings in. Modify each volume added to the item list to correctly display the SuDoc #.  If the bib record indicates the title is inactive or dead, then delete the temporary serial control after adding holdings. Retain the serial control for active titles. Follow unit policy in regards to creating predictions. (ALEX does not create predictions, LSM does create predictions)



  1. If “930” exists follow established guidelines. If MARC Holdings exist and are correct delete the 930. If MARC Holdings don’t exist then create the appropriate MARC Holdings and then delete the 930.



  1. After holdings have been added, change the home & current location of the original volume in the item list from “PENDING” to appropriate shelving location (DOCUS, DOCUSM, DOCU-COM, ETC.) Go to the Control Folder. If the “date cataloged” field is “NEVER” then change it to “TODAY”. Mark the title “DONE” on both the Monthly Marcive Serial Printout and the online list on the T-drive.



  1. If additional formats are located or there has been a change in formats, notify Serial Cataloging with a blue processing sheet with a list of all holdings found in the collection and a photocopy of the tile page and cover of the material in order to change the record to correctly reflect our holdings.  Leave the “date cataloged” field as NEVER.    Mark the title “DONE” on both the Monthly Marcive Serial Printout and the online list on the T-drive.






  1. Print our BIB Record to ascertain ship list # and then the check ship list to determine whether we received it. If we received it coordinator does a “power search” using the power search checklist.  If items are not found, mark the item not found on Monthly Marcive Serial Printout and on the online list on the T-drive; then coordinator informs/consults the Documents Librarian for resolution. If items are found follow the above guidelines.



2.   If the ship list indicates we did not receive the item, coordinator informs Documents Librarian 

      for assistance/resolution. 


3.    Send the folder (email the online list on the T-drive or snail mail the hard copy) with annotations of what has been done to Documents Librarian. After Documents Librarian researches the “not found” items and makes her decisions as to what action should be taken she returns list to coordinator to complete the work/actions. 






1.      If no card or tangible material is found for an ONLINE title, use the BIB Record to determine whether we ever received tangible material or if we still maintain it in tangible format.



2.      If it is clear that we never received or no longer maintain tangible formats* for that title, then check that there is an 856 in the BIB record and RU-ONLINE is designated as the sub location in the holdings folder. If so then change the date cataloged from “NEVER” to “TODAY” in the control folder and type “DONE” on both the Monthly Marcive Serial Printout and the online list on the T-drive.



3.  If in doubt printout full Marcive Bib record with a note for the Documents Librarian.

* Items to be aware of that might be indicators:







Revised 8/2005 BH, CS,