Creating an Access Report for Serials Lists


Microsoft Access    T(lsm):\Common\Marcive\serial2.mdb


1.      Go to tables and make a copy of the file to be used

·        Click on name of file

·        Click  “Edit”  - - “Copy”

·        Click “Edit” - - “Paste”

·        Enter name for backup copy, and select “structure & data” in the paste option then click “OK”



2.      Click on Queries tab (on the left in the list below Objects) and then choose “New” next to the design tool in the tool bar directly above

·        In the New Queries window, click “Simple Query Wizard” and Click “OK”

Select from the pull down menu the table that you want to work with & click on it.

·        Click the double-arrow to move all fields into the new query


·        Click “Next”  - Click on “Modify the Query Design” and “Finish”


3.   CHK HLDGS criteria         *LSM*       for LSM

                          *ALEX*    for ALEX


      STATUS   criteria   “*DUP/PENDING*”




   4.  Click on the ! icon (run)  in the tool bar. This produces your query. 


5.      File – Save


6.      After verifying our tangible holdings (paper, fiche, CD) update the query online as to what formats we have.


7.      Send results to Debbie Apgar.


8.      File – Save


9.      File- Export – select folder to export to- save as type: micro soft excel 97-2000 click on  save all.


10.  send as an attachment to Debbie



Updated 8/24/2005 cs, bh